Its baby time ….

Saturday 10th October came and today is the day I am expecting a call from the hospital to be induced, I waited in all day – which feels like forever when you have already been waiting patiently at home for six weeks. The phone call finally came around 6pm whilst we was out walking so we dashed home, i say dash i couldn’t of dashed if i tried! Mama then came and got us and off we went yippee!

Once we arrived I was given my own room as I was being induced, the induction didn’t got smoothly or should I say without pain. Mam and William were waiting outside & they could hear me scream πŸ™ I had an agency midwife and it just didn’t feel like her heart was in it. Also it hadn’t been picked up at this point babas awkward position. So that’s it for the night – off mama & William Β went and i’m left alone. It was fine, I just dealt with it, planned some word searches to pass time and then tried getting some sleep which is impossible with the two hourly checks they do & hook you up to machines.

Sunday came and went with another induction plus a trip the hospital Costa. The second induction I requested gas & air and this helped a lot πŸ™‚

Monday was a strike day so not much happened plus I can’t remember much as it all just blurred into one. I was told that at 20 weeks baba was breach this was something neither of us had heard before so was a bit out of the blue, maybe because of this they started to prep me for a c-section by taking some tablets, this along with me not becoming dilated any more since I came in.

I’m on about my fifth midwife now and her names Sam, I don’t like her. Mam stayed over with me on Monday evening (William stayed Sunday) Tuesday came and they said i’d have to wait another day, I wasn’t happy, i’m 13 days over due now. I told them no, in a i’m having this baby now kind of way! They agreed and prepared me to go down to the delivery suite – yay! Sam examined me again – seriously I don’t know how many people have examined me by this point :(:( she told me I was 4cm dilated, I didn’t believe her. I was 1cm on Wednesday and 2cm on Saturday. I just didn’t feel any different & didn’t believe her.

When I got down to delivery suite and meet Danni my midwife, she examined me and confirmed that Sam was wrong, what a dick. I was still only 2cm dilated. We then went on the process of bringing on the labour to meet baba.

This is a photo from Saturday night when the light switches in my room had our initials (R, C,M) so i sent it to papa and he replied with ‘ hang in there mama, ‘not long Rueben, Chloe Maguire’ – something so small but really lifted my mood.






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