IKEA – it’ll be fun he said …..

So the other weekend we packed up our bags early Saturday morning and heading off to IKEA to pick up some final bits before baby babs arrive eek! WM reassured me it would be fine, my late night Friday text to Gowar asking for her to wish me luck meant I knew it wasn’t going to be, I don’t think I estimated how bad it would actually be and we’ve vowed to not go again for a while, I think next time we do go Rue has a date with his special aunty Kelly 😉

Anyway the main items we went to get was a new TV unit (hooray) its only taken us so many months to finally pick one, it even has it’s own blog post (here) – what we ended up going for is going to sound quite weird and its not finished yet so I can’t share any photos but basically we went with some kids storage units and i’m hoping it’s going to work out alright once we find some legs to put them on, i’m realllly not painting a good picture but it’ll be okay!

→ A wooden baby gym for baba, Rue had a soft play mat with this tiger that played the same music over & over and he loved it, unfortunately the play mat didn’t last after many accidents so it gave us the opportunity to look for alternatives, i’ve been seen wooden play gyms pop up everywhere and thought actually it sounds so much nicer than the all singing all dancing version we had before so lets try that this time 🙂

→ also on the list was some shoe storage, WM’s trainers take up so much room and every day I swear another pair have been added to the stairs (which I might add is a severe hazard for this pregnant mama!) we couldn’t afford the original one we wanted because it was £100, just for a shoe storage unit! I think because we know this isn’t our long term home we don’t want to splash out too much as you never know if your furniture is all transferable to a different home. So we went with a much cheaper version, which i’m actually really pleased with, i’m hoping to get a bit of wooden worktop to place on top just a small bit to place a candle or something on top. What I haven’t told you is I put WM in charge of measuring up for both, well he failed on both 😐 somehow. So the TV unit theres a double pocket socket in the way so I think the plan is to take the back off of one of the units and the shoe units either we cut a hole again in the back or we re-arrange our whole little front door entrance area. You can imagine my delight when neither, yes neither fitted and for now the shoe cupboard is sat in the conversatory waiting to be put up ….

→ the final item which is probably the item thats worked out best is a table and chairs for Rue, finally, i’ve been putting this off and putting this off mainly because of storage. But we’ve managed to clear some space in the under stairs cupboard at the end so we can still manage to put it away of an evening, Rue loves his little table and has used it so much already, within the first 24 hours hours he’d eaten all his meals off of it, played playdoh, drawing with daddy and puzzles with daddy. Admitedly he’s also drawn over it quite a lot already/ within the first few hours/ he likes to stand on top of the table which isn’t ideal and also throw the chairs around like some kind of angry person but hey ho.





WM always always laughs at me when I say ‘ikea hacks’ – I’m addicted to these on pinterest and i’ve put together a little mini board of all the hacks you can do with this amazing little table we got him, there’s even two chairs ready for baby babs ♥ this table wasn’t my first choice there was a much studier version which was double the price and then chairs on top and because Rue isn’t at the age where he looks after things we decided to go with the cheaper version.




Finally I just couldn’t resist Asos the week leading upto payday, I had no money but that doesn’t matter right?! I have the smallest overdraft in the world (my choice for it to be so small that way I hardly dip into it) so this month I set myself a little challenge, to see how much I could buy from Asos for £20 (this way I also qualify for the free standard delivery). With spring/ summer fast approaching and no mention of any sandals out of my four pairs of shoes, I thought that would be a good place to start. I had to throw away my trusty Topshop summer sandals last year after roughly four years together 🙁 my dream would be to invest in a good pair of Salt Rock sandals but like I put it’s bit of a dream, instead i’ve opted for these gladiator style leather (yes sorry even though i’m a vegetarian I have brought leather shoes 🙁 ) gladiator style is probably so last last season but i’m not bothered, these were on sale for £10 down from £50 winning!


Also i’m really loving the knot trend on tops at the moment and spotted this one from New Look for a really reasonable price, I also saw a lovely one on sale on Zara but refused to pay delivery 😉 I haven’t managed to try this on yet because of baby bump but i’m hoping this will look great teamed with some black shorts in summer or even some deep blue denim jeans. Oh yes I also managed to get this on sale, originally it was full price but dropped over night so I was meant to have it right?!

Thirdly is some statement hair bands, this year i’m not planning on doing much to my hair but I thought maybe just maybe if I have a cute little hair band A my hair might not look so bad and B I might feel a bit better in myself. My favourite is the flat oval shape one by Johnny loves Rosie, which if you haven’t checked them out on Asos you should, some of their jewellery is beautiful, i’ve saved all their ear cuffs in my saved list and their all on sale!

Amazing what you can get for £21 right 😉 why not set yourself a challenge to shop somewhere on a budget & see what you can pick up (items that’ll your going to use)


TV Unit – to be confirmed

Baby gym – here, again i’ve seen lots of hacks on pinterest for these 😉

Shoe storage – here

Rue’s table & chairs – here

Gladiator sandals – here

New Look knot top – here, sold out

Hairbands – here & here, both sold out


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