Hospital & coming home

My whole hospital experience is something I kind of want to forget, although it gave me Rue it also gave me some other stuff that we don’t know how.

Rue was born on the Tuesday and on the Wednesday we just had our parents to come and visit, which was lovely as I just wasn’t up to moving let alone seeing anyone.

Thursday came and i’m still there, today my aunty came to visit us and watched over Rue for a couple of hours whilst papa went home to rest, bless him, he stayed up all night/ early morning after Rue was born to watch over him and feed him whilst I was out of it. Bless her it was fab, I slept knowing that she was walking around the room I had holding Rue close to her. Any sleep I could grab was just grabbed wit both hands 🙂

Friday night around 7/8pm we finally get discharged, my aunty brings us all home, she brought me home from the hospital when I was born so we wanted to keep that tradition going. Mama had kindly filled our fridge with food and supplied us with milk to feed baba.

Here’s some first photos that I took of my boy <3



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