Hospital Bag & Baby’s bag

So a few of you lovely people have asked me where my ‘packing my hospital bag’ blog post is and whilst I did promise to do this it’s been sat in my drafts for a while.

a sweet friend of mine is having a little girl in August so it’s given me a slight kick to get slowly back into blogging.

So my hospital bag or should I say bags, I had three, yes three bags. One was for baby, one for mama & then another one for mama 😉 I took my Skiphop baby rucksack for baba and filled it with

1. Lots of babygrows (second time round and I still didn’t pack enough 🙁 )

2. Muslins, I took my turtle dove ones which I haven’t stopped using since Ridley was born

3. Nappies, sounds so bloody silly but I packed nappies & there wasn’t a huge amount of room in the bag left so I unpacked them as thought the hospital provided them (Rues two & a half I can’t remember where I got nappies from for him!) but I was wrong they obviously don’t provide nappies!

4. Hats, we took two hats but they also gave us the cutest hand knitted hat when Ridley was born

5. Wet wipes, I think there’s something where your not supposed to use wet wipes on a newborn but for that first tar like poop your gonna need them unless your quick enough to whack some Vaseline on so it doesn’t stick!

6. Mitts/ socks – if your babygrows doesn’t come with the built in scratch mitts I highly recommend taking some mitts as it’s horrible when they scratch their face 🙁

7. Baby’s little red book that health visitors distribute to you now instead of the hospital

Things I didn’t take for babs –

1.nappies (but like i mentioned I was totally wrong)

2.blankets (they provided us with white cable knit style ones)

3.teddys – as much as I can’t wait to give Ridley his bunny I got him I feel he’s too young right now

In my two bags I had the following:

  1. My own body towel & hair towel
  2. dressing gown
  3. Sliders & trainers – I took some easy opening shoes as after having rue my feet swelled up so much I couldn’t get my normal shoes on
  4. Magazines – i took these in case our section was delayed, I still haven’t read them 😉
  5. Maternity pads – lots of these & the bigger the better I’d say
  6. Big giant high pants – last time I used the disposable type pants but didn’t really enjoy them so mum picked me up some Bridget style cotton pants which are not only super comfy but also so practical after birth
  7. Coming home outfit – I went with leggings & a long striped tshirt dress, again comfort always wins
  8. Mints – these were there to help freshen up if I wasnt up & on my feet in a timely manner
  9. Nightie – so I brought the biggest blackest nightie from primark today wear after the birth, I choose black so it doesn’t leave any visable leaks or marks plus where it was oversized it helped with breastfeeding
  10. Snacks – I personally didn’t  pack any but my mum brought a bag of goodies in with her 😉
  11. Phone charger – obviously
  12. Maternity notes
  13. Spare pair of pants/ socks & t-shirt for WM
  14. Trusty Calvin Klein bralette – which I’ve lived in before baba & still wearing it daily now
  15. Cleaning wipes – whilst I didn’t pack this I definitely would have if I wasn’t lucky enough (thanks mama!) to have my own private room
  16. Camera for those special newborn moments – I didn’t actually pack ours we used our phones instead

My little cosmetic bag had the following in:

  1. Dry shampoo
  2. Shampoo & conditioner – I washed my hair the day before we went in so I didn’t need these but worth packing as you don’t know how long your going to be hospital
  3. Toothpaste & brush
  4. Deodorant
  5. Vaseline
  6. Iron tablets
  7. Hair bands
  8. Hair brush
  9. Soap
  10. Berrocas – I really missed taking these whilst being pregnant & I really believe they help set me up for the day
  11. Change/ notes – wm used this to pick up a sandwich lunch so he could get back to us quicker 🙂

One thing I didn’t take with me is jewellery, I was lucky enough to be able to wear my rings right up to the night before (last time my fingers swelled much earlier) I left these at home which I strongly recommend.

I adore my little cosmetic bag (well its my mamas really) but its perfect with the ‘M’ on it, she might not be getting it back 😉



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    April 20, 2017 / 5:26 pm


    • Chloe Maguire
      April 20, 2017 / 7:30 pm

      Love you ❤️

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