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so we went strawberry picking the other day and WM loves making jam with the strawberrys we pick, this is his second year making homemade jam, the next jam to make on his list is blackcurrant as we have a massive blackcurrant bush in our garden. We nearly always go forging for blackberrys as theres loads of bushes round by us that we get s o many in July but this year we have our own in the garden!



  1. 800 grams of fresh strawberries (or you can use frozen)
  2. 1kg jam sugar
  3. a knob of butter


  1. first of all crush the strawberrys with a potato masher and place them into a saucepan
  2. add the jam sugar and heat gently, stir continuously until the sugar dissolves but do not allow to boil
  3. add the butter and keep stirring, increasing the heat and bringing to the boil so that it bubbles a lot and can’t be stirred down
  4. boil for four minutes and then remove from the heat and spoon into warm, clear jars and cover


so how it works is i find or papa finds recipes, he cooks them and then i write about them 😉 he’s the best chef and well i’m not very good/ whenever i try he can’t help but take over 😐

how easy is homemade jam and with only three ingredients!


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