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It’s been a while since I’ve shared a home post with you so I thought I’d update you on the work we’ve been doing and had done on the garden recently. My amazing ma paid for us to have the conservatory removed so we could open up the garden & then my dear dear husband sledge hammered the back of the garden and emptied all the rumble so we can have some grass 👌

Whilst our garden isn’t the biggest it’s looking so different already! So here’s what we’ve done so far

–          The conservatory has come down (halluejah!) but we’ve left the base, mainly because it was quicker for the work to be completed and also the cost was much cheaper. The plan here is to deck over the top of the base and turn it into a seating area.

–          The remaining conservatory wall has been rendered and to tie it in with the house the whole bottom half of the house has been rendered.

–          WM has painted these walls two different colours, the first colour was just so bad that we had to buy more paint (crying at the cost) and he had to repaint but it looks so much better

–          The greenhouse has been moved to the far corner as has the planter which is overflowing with spinach 😍, the water butt is in the corner and WM has little pipes coming off the greenhouse guttering into the water butt. I did pick up a second-hand water butt for him but it leaked so that’s now gone ;(

–          The soil has been laid by WM and he’s planted some grass seed which is growing with all of this sunshine lately!

–          WM (and I helped 😉 ) has painted all of the thirteen fence panels which roughly took a whole days work, it would have been much quicker to get one of those paint fence spray things but we managed to paint all the fences for £13 and I wasn’t giving in and buying a paint sprayer (two tins of Ronseal paint at £5 each from Asda and fence painting brush £3 from B&M) looks so much better 👌

–          We’ve also brought a composter, we had a composter at our old house a big plastic one which we used a lot but after a while there was a lot of ants and bugs and the lid put me off. We went for a different style this time and got a wooden one which I think looks much better in the garden especially as the planter is wooden. We don’t have a cover for it yet I think WM is going to make one just so when it pours it doesn’t soak it all. Composter was £25.

–          We’ve just brought a bbq – we found this one from Argos which has amazing reviews, an amazing price, it comes with utensils and a cover! I sold some bits on eBay and put it towards the bbq 🙂

–          We have decided on the furniture we’d like but we’ve said we can’t afford that right now so think we’re going to wait …… and then Easter came and there was a sale so we brought it eekk!

–          My ma brought me a rotary washing line last year for £2.50 which is an absolute steal but WM has said I can’t have it up until roughly next year to allow the grass and soil to set – so we invested in one of these pull out lines and honestly I could not be happier, nearly 18 months in and I finally have somewhere to hang my washing!!! £16 from Argos and the best £16 we’ve spent.


So that’s our little garden project which we’ve moved onto before even finishing the utility room but you know that’s us 😉 I don’t think it’ll be finished this year, the decking will be next year oh and I’d really like a little roof about the decking seating area I reckon that’s a couple years off yet 😉 especially as I have to convince WM

There is always the option to add more grass later in life but right now we’ve just kept it simple as we’re tired and sometimes it’s easier and quicker to do what you can instead of creating a massive project!

Massive thank you to WM for working so hard on it and to my ma for helping us financially so we can enjoy our outside space 🙂



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