hello number 15

so its been a couple of weeks of living at number 15 so i thought i’d share the estate agents photos that initially drew me to the house, now tell me honestly how many of you would of A even gone to look at it and B put an offer in?

i honestly don’t know what drew me to this property, i’m always looking at properties even though i never thought we could move, i like to see whats going up in our area and for how much, i found this one on a Friday night, how i hadn’t came across it before i’m not sure. the one main thing that sells a property for me personally is the floor plan, i like to try and distance myself noise wise from any potential noise from neighbours and this layout was just perfect, plus the potential with this space is unreal.

at the moment its a bit like my god where do we start, its so hard trying to even paint with the boys let alone anything else, i’ve still got boxes to unpack but i just can’t with Ridley its tough. So far we’ve scheduled in to have the boiler replaced which is hopefully happening next week 🙂 and WM has painted the back room which will be ours, theres lots of work needed in our room but for now the plan is to paint, carpet and get some curtains until we can do the bigger things. WM did an amazing job with the painting, doing it all in one day which is amazing but its another day of me solo parenting and another day of us missing out on time together.

sofa has been ordered f i n a l l y – by the time it arrives in roughly 3-4 weeks we’ll have been without a sofa for about 3 months and honestly its been tough, especially in this new house because the carpet it disgusting so know-one wants to sit on it. we have compromised on the sofa as the original one we went to purchase was so uncomfortable, we quickly found another one at an additional £200 which i wasn’t keen on spending more but then the wait time was delivery in February and we both said we can’t wait that long, i’m at the house 24/7 and i need something – currently have no sofa, i’m sleeping on a mattress on the floor (my poor back) and we have no table so we’re all eating on the floor 😐 so i found another one that wasn’t the style we was after but it certainly was comfortable (or so i hope WM says he didn’t try it and know i’m questioning if it was comfy, we didn’t have time to go back and try it again before buying it online, seriously we don’t have enough time at the weekends!)

we sat down and planned our next three weekends as to what we want to priortise, when i say we sat down WM sat next to me on his phone with his hood up so i couldn’t see him and he didn’t speak back to me so i’ve just done what i thinks best. we’re trying not to do to much as this time of year i find increasing stressful as it is let alone trying to do the house and plan my return to work in January. So the plan is to try and decorate the lounge only because it makes sense to try and do that before the sofa arrives then we can get it carpeted, our room just needs glossing and then carpet ordered then thats done for a while. ideally i’d like Ridleys rooms painted  asap too as we’re hoping to put him in there next week when his radiator is fixed.

so tell me what do you think? are you horrified? don’t worry if you are i know a lot of people have looked at me & felt sorry for me but we did choose this journey & i’m so so excited to see the progress!


all photos taken from rightmove/zoopla

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