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We’ve just spent the last nine days together ….. & survived! We spent the weekend at home | at D I Y stores | stripping the kitchen so we could paint it on the Monday as Rue was at nursery. The weekend felt tough like nothing was going right & things were a bit tense so when Monday came and we could breathe in peace it was a relief, sounds so bad but when you have a toddler clinging onto your leg for approximately 11.5 hours a day it can get a bit much sometimes, just sometimes.

Papa kindly stripped the walls, prepped the wall, painted the walls, added monkey tape and painted the walls some more to transform our kitchen wall from this to this to this 🙂 we absolutely love it! ♥ even though it’s a darker feature wall then what we had before our kitchen now feels much more spacious which I am loving, or it may just be because the kitchen is actually tidy and clutter free for once! How long will it last I hear myself asking and so far it’s lasted four days and counting!



First photo is when we moved in |August 2013| Second photo is shortly after we moved in, wallpaper: Next |September 2013| Last string of photos, idea from: B&Q youtube |July 2016|

I packed whilst papa got on – I was quite optimistic that we wouldn’t need halve the stuff that we needed last year as Rue was that much older but it actually turned out that we still needed a fair bit (4 backpacks, 1 travel cot, 1 cot mattress, 1 buggy, 1 sling, 1 football, 1 giant pack of nappies) I’m pleased I packed and loaded the car the day before as then there was hardly any faffing around in the morning! Tuesday morning was what can only be described as chaotic & I’m not sure why when I had done all the packing & made a list but I was still a right faffy stroppy mama, but we got in the car, rue fell asleep straight away & we could breathe again.

The journey ahead was a good three hours mainly because we stopped off at Kingston Lacy on the way, I did some research beforehand to see which NT properties were within an hour of our destination & then which ones had the best facilities for babas. I really enjoyed Kingston, we didn’t stay for long so I can’t really comment on it as a whole as we didn’t see half of it but the parts we did see I really enjoyed!  Then it was onto Lulworth Cove, rue was the perfect travelling companion the w h o l e time! Amen 🙂 he was an absolute babe!

We stayed here, we also stayed here last year (blog post to follow, one day) this year I don’t think we necessarily thought through how it would be now that Rue was a year older, I thought ‘oh we had such a lovely time last year, let’s do that again’ but in reality we were staying in a B&B with a hugely active on the go toddler …. can you see where I’m going with this. Photo below is just one instance of how I let him do whatever just to keep him quiet so he didn’t wake the other guests at a stupidly early hour. Advice for all your mamas once you baba is walking | causing mischief B&B’s are no longer an option. That being said the staff were amazing & very accommodating for us with Rue, making sure we had everything we needed & cleaning our room every day they even cooked Rue his own mini breakfast each morning!

Tuesday was so hot that I wore shorts, for the first time this year – hopefully not the last & summer will pop up soon! We spent Tuesday afternoon playing football, throwing stones into the sea for hours that creeped into the bedtime area then we all got an early night. Wednesday was beautiful weather, we got up early had breakfast and set off on a hike from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door. If you know this route then you know just how steep it is & my amazing hubby did it all with baba on his back a m a z i n g isn’t he! He kept going & going it was me that had to stop for a breather, I’m so unfit! We got to Durdle Door & had it all to ourselves for a while, it was so quiet probably because it was still quite early ha! It was a beautiful day & even though the hike challenged me it was such a lovely experience (last year we just got to the top & it rained so we had to turn back :() Thursday we ventured into Weymouth Bay but decided it wasn’t really what we was expecting so headed back and grabbed fish & chips and had a little picnic before more stone throwing 🙂 Friday we spent the day throwing more rocks into the sea, taking in the last breaths of sunshine & sea air before throwing some twigs into the stream and heading home.

Iphone photos


DSLR photos

My sweet dear mama had cleaned our house from top to bottom & topped up our fridge with supplies – this babe of a mama of mine is the best! It was just the best feeling coming home to a clean house with clean sheets it was bliss! Thank you mama ♥

Saturday we took Rue strawberry picking which was fab – we went last year (post her, sooon) but this year was different as he could pick the strawberry’s himself, admittedly he picked & ate, picked & ate but never put any in his punnet 🙂 we also picked raspberries and broad beans! I want to go back and pick more of everything, I think there’s something quite satisfying about picking your own food – papa is growing blueberries, strawberries & raspberries in our garden which we pick everyday together & I ♥ it!

On the way home we stopped off to get the car washed, the dust on the car from sitting at Lulworth for the week meant our car was a shade of grey – it was Rue’s first car wash and I wasn’t sure how he’d be but he loved it!! Our car seat is this one, which we absolutely love it’s amazing! Its both front & rear facing and it reclines and also swivels (suitable from birth to 4 years) only down side is it’s not really practical for moving between cars though as its heavy & bulky.




  1. July 25, 2016 / 6:38 am

    A lovely story of a lovely family! Love you 3XXX

  2. July 25, 2016 / 6:39 am

    A lovely story of a lovely family! Love you XXX

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