​So we’re off to the coast next month for our first family holiday as a family of four 🙂 we’re off to Newquay for WM’s birthday week (I’m all about the birthday week celebrations, especially when it’s my birthday 😉 ) I haven’t been to Newquay since I was a kid so I’m really looking forward to taking our babs there & making our own memories.

​We’re staying at a Hoseseasons resort, not sure how this’ll go after we hated Centre Parcs but we thought we’d give it a go, the resort we’re staying at is here, I got the break for an absolutely steal of £189! I paid a bit more for cancellation cover so the total was £239 ( I opted for cancellation cover just in case, you never know what’s gonna happen birth/ kids wise) my secret is to book holidays that week after Christmas but before New Year it’s the best time to book, we also did this when mama & I went to NYC & again got a fab deal!

​I’ve started packing some bits ready, it’s never to soon plus I don’t wanna leave it to the last minute, it’d be lovely to be all prepared & for it to be as stress free as possible, I can hope right 😉

​It’s self catering which works for us & im planning on taking some bits down with us in the car & then the rest we’ll either go to a supermarket or get a delivery to the resort, something I never thought of until someone told me this was possible!

​What we’re struggling with is space in the car, we have a proper family car but still by the time you’ve got the buggy in the car even before the carry cot you’ve taken up 70% of the space, luckily we do have an extra compartment in the boot (above the spare wheel that’s a hidden storage area) so we can put smaller bits in there but it’s still tight. Rues car seat is pretty huge so the middle seat isn’t useable other than putting a coat or two. Hopefully we’re lucky & only need to pack for summer & not any rain episodes.

​I think the journey is three hours so I’m planning on stopping off at a National Trust property for a break half way through, I’d also love to try and visit St Micheals Mount if at all possible, I’m desperate to visit it!

​I’ve picked up an iPad holder, here, for Rue to watch the iPad on the way there, this isn’t something we ever really do, he’ll sometimes watch kids YouTube on our phone but honestly it’s hardly ever nowadays. It’s really hard to find a good iPad holder I think this one is a little pricey at £17 but the reviews I’ve read are all five star so hopefully it’ll perform!

​I know Rue is going to love the beach, he adores the sandpit at nursery, he’s always in there with Sammy & he’s just loving life! I can’t wait to see his little face, we’ve not taken him to a proper beach for nearly two years, he hated it when we took him first time to Majorca. The last two years we’ve holiday’ed in Dorset & the beaches have been made up of stones which he completely loved throwing these into the sea 🌊 so fingers crossed he loved it!

​a few of my holiday essentials are listed below:

  • Gro egg room temperature – as Ridley can’t regulate his own body temperature yet this is a must for me always! I swear by this as it gives you peace of mind when putting babs to bed by ensuring their dressed correctly
  • Gro egg black out blinds – again something else I swear by, these are a little on the pricey side but their a life saver when your staying away from home & it’s still light at 11pm at night and your toddler is wide awake! We have blackout blinds at home in our bedrooms to help encourage night time.
  • Baby slings – I’m planning on taking both slings (we have a ring sling & an Ergo 360) Ridley can use both & Rue can use the Ergo if WM carries him on his back, we did this last year when we hiked over the hills down at Lulworth Cove
  • Trainers – I live in my trainers, their pretty much all I wear as their the most comfortable shoes e v e r! I’ll be wearing these pretty much the whole time we’re there I’m sure
  • My camera (Sony A5000) I’m loving my new camera so much, it has a flip up screen which is perfect for family photos plus I have an app on my phone so I can preview what the photo looks like & then press a button on my phone to take the photo, the photo then saves on my phone & camera – this is great when I’m taking photos on the tripod! Plus it’s small & compact so it’ll fit in any sized bag we take.
  • Sunglasses – I’ll definitely be taking some just in case, Ridleys not at the age where he’ll grab them just yet 😉 but to play it on the safe side with Rue I’ll take the ones he brought me from Cheap Monday & leave my Chloe ones at home 🙂
  • My own pillow – I don’t always do this especially if we go abroad but as we’re going to longer than a couple of nights i definitely think I’ll be taking my own pillow. I have a memory foam one so using anything else is really strange, my god I love my pillow!

​what are your holiday essentials & tips for travelling light with a toddler & a newborn!


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