H O L I D A Y ♥

So our first family holiday of a family of four has been and gone already in what feels like the blink of an eye ;(


we made the journey down to Newquay after leaving at 8am, we broke up the journey with a stop to Killerton (post here). We left Killerton around lunchtime and headed to Newquays harbour, we couldn’t check into our holiday home until 4pm so we thought we’d go directly into Newquay. We headed for the habour and took our lunch along with us and sat there eating and feeding Ridley, it was lovely if a bit difficult to feed in the bright sunshine!

We then headed to our accommodation which was about a ten minute drive from the beaches in Newquay, i was so shocked when we got there as my expectations of the holiday park were pretty low. I’m a keen Tripadvisor user and will always check this out before booking somewhere, i also check it out leading up to the holiday which isn’t always the best idea as some of the reviews on here made me question if it’d be any good. After reading them i contacted the provider and specifically asked for a pet free home, which they accommodated and everything was fine.

We stayed at Centre Parcs last year and hated it, admittedly we wasn’t in a lodge because who can afford one of those, we booked an apartment at £450 for a week and it was so cramped, the floorpan was so deceiving. So this accommodation we had was perfect, we had our own little driveway so we could park right outside our front door! A huge living area which seated seven people comfortabley, a kitchen diner, an ensuite in the massive master bedroom, a bathroom and two single beds in bedroom number two oh and a balcony with a bbq area.

it was just perfect and for the price we paid you couldn’t beat it!


was papas birthday and the sun was shining so we was up and out early heading to the beach, we had a few recommendation’s for beaches but after looking at them on trusty TripAdvisor none of them really worked for us as they were dog friendly, we personally don’t want dogs running around the kids on the beach. So we went with Porth Beach which was beautiful! plus it had on the beach parking which was so handy when you’ve got bags of stuff to carry!

Rue absolutely L O V E D the sea, we couldn’t get him out, WM also loved it and the boys were in there for ages whilst Ridley and i was on the beach, Ridley fell asleep though so was just me

phone photos:



The afternoon it tipped it down but luckily we had left the beach by then and was back at the lodge. We didn’t do much in the afternoon, the boys were happy to just chill at the resort and then we headed into Newquay for fish and chip dinner!


today was the day we was going to head off to St Michaels Mount but the weather man couldn’t make up his mind so we decided not to risk it & Thursday was looking like the better weather day. So we had a slow day, we mooched around in the morning and then heading into Newquay for Cornish Pastries for lunch, Rues first ever one! We took a stroll down to the beach to eat them, i got shitted on by a pigeon on the way 🙁 luckily it just missed my hair and missed most of me but still …. then we went and had ice creams and mama had her eye on a little holiday souvenier to bring home 🙂





we past the cutest little bakery on the way and i just had to go in and have a looky, plus their had free samples 😉





We spent the day at the lovely St Michael’s Mount, post here


was a wash out in the morning, the weather was so bad! we got up early and headed home, again to tie in with Ridleys feeds and nap times 😉 driving home was horrible it was so misty and the rain was super heavy it was exhausting, at points we was in second gear on the motorway. We stopped off at services for a couple of hours, which was rammed with people always what you want when your trying to quietly feed your baby! the rain stopped on the rest of the journey home and we was lucky it was straight forward the otherside going towards Devon & Cornwall there was an accident and there was just miles and miles of stand still traffic 🙁


the night before we left we took some family photos outside of our little home, i brought a sprinkle popper for WM’s birthday but we didn’t actual use it on his birthday.




Sorry for the complete overload in photos but you know me by now

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