Goodbye number 70

and just like that we’ve moved house! (so much more to come on moving house/ our plans etc) i honestly can’t believe its all actually happened. if your close to me then you’ll know that moving was never really an option for us due to personal reasons, its not something i thought would happen until Ridley was at school, so yes i most definitely wasn’t planning on moving any time soon!

so how did it happen …. it was all a whirlwind, when we came back from Newquay in July we had some news that meant our chances of moving were significantly improved, even with me being on maternity leave – a few of you have messaged me how it works when your on maternity leave so i’ll touch on that soon, so we took the bullet and went for it. obvisouly i spoke to my mum first like i ask her opinion on everything, WM gets annoyed with me but its my mum you know. we put our house on the market on Thursday, we had eleven viewings booked in over two days, we had to pause any other viewings as Ridley was still such a baby in July, we had three offers on the table after the first seven viewings. Crazy! we sold our house in one day ….

we then had our mortgage meeting with Nationwide, so even though we mortgage with them already we still had to go for a three hour yes THREE hour appointment via a webcam with both yes BOTH kids in a tiny room! but we did it we survived and we went for burger king after to celebrate.

I’m honestly still gobsmacked we’re here, sometimes in life things don’t go your way and theres nothing you can do about it sometimes time is all you need, i’d gotten used to the fact we couldn’t move, everyone had an opinion on us bringing up two kids in a small house but we brushed them off, but it was obvisouly all meant to be i believe. we saw one house when buying number 70 only one house, i know what i like (yes i’ve picked both houses & WM has been the biggest babe & not even blinked at eye that i’ve picked two dives!) and after years of hard saving & the support of my mum & dad we were on the property ladder & in a really  good position, that good position put us in a fab place for our next move, we made a big profit on number 70 and have hardly increased our mortgage at all, compared to average increase when people move especially if your buying a new build, jeez we looked briefly online at these when we thought the sale wasn’t going through and the prices put me off straight away £400K for a three bed nah mate nah, plus WM hates new builds.

so i’ll be blogging & i’m working on a house vlog tour at the moment, i mean your probably all not interested but its so worth it, i’ve included the photos below of how we brought number 70 and how we left it. we spent so much money, time and effort on that property and i personally think it looks amazing! i’ll share soon the estate agents photos of number 15 and you can all laugh and die 😉

any questions let me know house moving is complicated/ stressful/ expensive and so much more, i’m so proud of us for some many reasons, but we wouldn’t be here without my family! ♥





ps all photos taken from Rightmove/Zoopla

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