first week of 2017 ….

Hasn’t been that kind to me, I’ve been suffering with an ear problem since mid December & even though I’ve followed doctors orders the problem got worse. Basically I’ve not be able to hear out my left ear for weeks/ been in some pain & cant really take pain relief & moaned a lot 😉 I went back to the doctors where they told me to try something else but this in fact made me worse & Thursday night I was really poorly. I turned to WM & said I can’t breathe/ I’m dizzy/ I want to cry and next thing you know I’ve got my head down the toilet (my favourite place to be haha) & I can barely walk. The new drops for my ear made the balance in my ears go out of sync, if you’ve ever had this I’m not being over dramatic when I say it’s the worse thing! This is the second time it’s happened & my g o d it’s bad. My sweet mum come & got me & took me up to urgent care to get checked over, a four hour wait later, some tablets that are ‘not really’ advisable when pregnant & still a blocked ear later …. my mum is so sweet she sat with me for four hours, went to work on less then three hours sleep, rubbed my leg as I spewed in her car, she was amazing. People can often say their be there for you but I think actions speak louder than words. My amazing cousin also was there for us from the moment it started, I was on the phone to her to tell her what was going on & ask her to look after our boy the following day. I am so lucky to have her & so lucky she lives two minutes up the road! I’m not very good at letting people have Rue (WM is even worse than me) and we knew the only person we trusted without question was her, she picked Rue up dropped him off at nursery then picked him back up & brought him home safely to us (again Rue isn’t allowed in the car with just anyone 😉 ) so lucky to have such amazing support around us.

One thing that did make the situation so much better was that little baba didn’t rest at alllll whilst I was waiting to be seen & was almost aware that I wasn’t well & kept my spirits lifted, it’s the best feeling when you feel your baba move like unbelievably the best feeling ♥
It was also quite an eye opener being in the waiting room for so long, the amount of people who come & go, the problems they have, they challenges they face – we are so lucky and we really don’t appreciate it.
To all the mamas out there who get poorly and carry on for our babas & husbands sake we are a m a z i n g – it’s a lot tougher than you can imagine being poorly & still looking after a toddler!
Here’s hoping for a better week ear wise & hope you all have a wonderful week ahead

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