First month …

So all was going well papa had three weeks off work and my mama kindly took two weeks off work so that reassured me for the first few weeks. First day just me and my boy and I remember it all so well 🙂

I remember feeding him on the single bed in the back room with the early morning light shining in on my face, i remember us laying on the bed and friends was on in the background, i remember thinking my god i can actually do this, i wasn’t scared, i wasn’t anxious – it just felt right and in all honesty i wasn’t expecting to feel like that.

Our day together just us two went so quick and it involved a hell of a lot of sleepy cuddles, oh how i miss those now 🙁

The first month did bring us some hard times when the milk Rue was taking caused him to become bunged up, it was the hardest thing watching him struggle so much! The health visitors wasn’t much use, after about a week of not going i phoned them and they told me to go to Carfax street clinic where a doctor would prescribe something for baba, we went, we waited, we waited some more, we waited four hours! Rue’s 3 weeks and 6 days old to be precise and they made us wait four hours, but which time he had completely cleared himself out and also cleared out the waiting room with the smell! But it was a complete waste of time and the doctor refused to give Rue anything.

Papa the amazing papa that he is had been researching what we could do to help, we was already using a lot of vaseline and doing baby massages but it wasn’t enough. We then changed from tommee tippee bottles to Dr Browns bottle, and we never looked back. We absolutely love Dr Browns they helped Rue so much! This definitely made an improvement on Rues situation but it didn’t completely solve it so we waited a while and then a good health visitor suggested we try him on comfort milk and this stuff worked a treat! He’s still on it now, eighteen months on, don’t worry we have tried him on a bottle of whole milk but it completely messed up his digestive system again 🙁 In the end we had a mini line up of Dr Browns bottle, comfort milk and gripe water and honestly we never looked back. All these things solved rues problem and we had a happy little baba! It was trial and error for a while and we brought lots of different things and it didn’t work, i was constantly asking other people for their opinion but in the end it all clicked into place.

Some of our favourite photos from month one with our baba <3




As you can probably see i lived in that green checked shirt for a while and also my maternity jeans also! We also were huge lovers of baby wearing – love love love baby wearing and we first of brought a baby bjorn and started using it probably from about six weeks old <3


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