First few weeks …

For the first week after baba was born we didn’t have a huge amount of visitors basically because I wasn’t up to it, but when the visitors did start pouring in you could see them looking me over & wondering just what the hell happened. The first few weeks, looking back eighteen months on, yes i’m incredibly behind on this blog, seem relatively easy compared to the whirlwind toddler we know have. Rue slept an awful lot and was quite content, he would eat and sleep just eat and sleep. Papa and I would walk to the end of our estate and back, was as much as I could manage at first, but other than that I remember sitting on the sofa a lot & papa playing his playstation all whilst Rue was asleep close to us in his moses basket. Whilst this felt like it went on forever it was a maximum of three weeks as papa then returned to work!

I’m glad Rue was easy in this respect as I wasn’t sleep at night, I think I was so dehydrated from the labour that it was causing me to hallucinate hell of a lot especially at night time when I was trying to sleep. It took a long time for my body to catch up and I finally was able to sleep for a few hours at a time but realistically it stayed with me for roughly six to eight months.

But on the plus side we was working together well as a couple, I am so lucky to have such a hands on papa who does more than his fair share of everything Rue related! As time went on were able to get out for slightly longer walks around the block and we talked about what happened before Rue made his arrival, and as always WM is so relaxed about everything that it just made me think about things in a different way. He is my calm.

My mum was beyond far the person I leaned on the most, she was INCREDIBLE!! She is a big part of why i’m here now & doing this mama game, she supported me day, night, 24/7. 3am texts when I was having a blip to one night we couldn’t get rue to sleep after trying everything so midnight she came round to take over. Anything and everything she did it for us!

Here’s some photos from Rues first few weeks making us a family of three ♥

I completely missed out on doing a post especially dedicated to ‘two weeks old’ and i’m not yet clued up on how I insert a post in-between posts – any tips gratefully appreciated as I am so new to this 🙂




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