Our first Christmas as a family of f o u r

i know i am soooo late with this post but i just haven’t had time to sneeze really – working full time again is pretty tough going 😐

so this Christmas we did something a little different, the last two or three Christmases have been my choice how we spend Christmas Day and its only right that its WM’s turn for the next couple of years. so this was his first year of choosing what we do and you all know what he choose to do … thats right just the four of us.  & it was perfect in everyway! WM prepared most of the food on Christmas Eve so he only had to put stuff in the oven on Christmas Day and on Boxing Day we had a buffet & the next day bubble and squeak 😀 so it wasn’t to taxing on him like i thought it would be, he also did all the prep whilst Ridley was sleeping and i played with Rue so it didn’t feel like he missed out at all which was my concern.

i can’t tell you how lovely it was to be at home, our first Christmas as a family of four and in our new home it was just perfection. it was also so lovely not to have to be anywhere, pack the car up with highchairs/ nappys/ bottles etc (god what a ball ache that can be) and for Ridley to nap in his own bed and to actually nap, the first Christmas with Rue he didn’t nap at all from so much going on and was so upset (he was like 3 months).

we got up early (obviously who doesn’t with kids!) opened presents, ate some chocolate because its Christmas, WM cooked us a little mini fry up which we ate whilst Ridley napped and then when he woke up we went for a festive walk which was lovely, we staggered presents throughout the day so it was time for more presents when we got home, we had Frozen on in the background (my new favourite film, how haven’t i seen this before now!), Ridley slept again whilst we had an Christmas dinner around 2pm (we specifically chose to eat when Ridley was sleeping as at this point he was still gagging on everything so he wouldn’t of joint in with us) there was more presents once Ridley got up from his second nap and lots more chocolate.

it was easy and quiet and calm <3

Boxing day was very similar – no cooking involved but lots of food, lots of new toys to play with and another festive walk.

so this year is WM’s choice again and we’re thinking of having Christmas at home just us again but to go away maybe between Christmas & New Year – somewhere warm would be a dream but i think thats definitely a dream with the house to do up! if not we’ll look for a cottage, near a beach so we can hibernate away from the Christmas bubble whilst going for walks & eating lots of food.

WM & i definitely aren’t Christmas people & whilst we make it all Christmasy for the babs thats as far as we go, i wanted to take the tree down Boxing day (mainly because Ridley kept crashing into it with his walker) but WM was like no no turns out he only kept it up to impress his mum!

you might find how we spend Christmas weird, i’ve had a few comments on what we did this year but just brushed them off, my cousin spent Christmas apart from her husband & my best friend went home & spent it with her family & her partner with his family – as life goes on things change & nothing stays the same I can see us having very many more Christmases like the one we just had!



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