Our first but not our last visit to Cliveden

So its Bank Holiday Sunday and we’ve woken up and the weather is a lot better than I was expecting, we talk about a day trip somewhere and luckily i have a list of four National Trust properties all within an hour of home, we pick one and pack up rues tiny backpack grab the DSLR and off we go.

I’m so glad Papa picked for us to go there, it was the most beautiful day! The whole setting off the property is amazing, there’s so much to see and do! We started off with a walk around the water garden which is also where the kids playarea is which is a really good size but isn’t really for babas under 18 months i’d say. We then went back to the car park area where the information centre is along with a mini food hot and the shop, from here we walked to the house which is also a five * hotel and the setting is beautiful. We got lost as the map wasn’t very user friendly or it might be where the property is vastly spread out. We then had lunch in the Orangey which if you got there after 12pm the five highchairs they had were all loaned out. Then onto the fountains and the long garden, which was just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L and so well kept!

But what i was most impressed with is the facilities there which sounds stupid but you play more attention to this when you have little ones, theres a vast amount of toilets spread out. There’s four different places to eat or grab a drink, there’s a microwave in the Orangery where you can heat up food for babas, not enough places offer the use of a microwave so this was a major win. There is SO much grass area which is safe away from cars, breakables and as theres so much you don’t feel on top of each other. Rue loved it all as he could walk and run everywhere he wanted where it was pretty safe for him to do so.

We can’t wait to go back already 🙂




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