first birthday planning

has been particularly hard ;( i think i’m finding it harder as Ridley doesn’t really need anything only because he has everything of Rues, he literally is always wearing Rues clothes and playing with Rues baby toys. I don’t always want it to be this way so i wanted to get him some lovely presents for his birthday but i found it really tough as what to get as i don’t just want to buy for the sake of it! i mean realistically what do you buy a one year old? i can’t remember what we brought Rue for his (is that bad?) WM and I never go over the top on the kids birthdays/ Easter/ Christmas as thats just not us so i’m not sure what we brought Rue.

So far Ridley has five presents from us and i’ve just finished picking up all the bits for his little birthday corner in the lounge, i’ve not gone OTT on this, i’m planning on having a little balloon arch with a one balloon and reusing the tassel garland from Rues baby shower 😉 we went to buy a pre-made cake from Marks & Spencer the other day but just as i got to the till to show the lady the one someone had left a really poor review so we changed our mind and WM is making one, which is far more special i just didn’t want to expect him to make one as he does enough cooking/ baking! i have a little shooting star topper i got from Meri Meri 😍 and some sparkler candles. I’m debating whether to get a full on one balloon or not, i haven’t made my mind up yet.

isn’t he just the biggest babe – oh my heart is just overfull on love ♥️

so onto what we’ve got:

  1. Fisher Price baby roller – this is probably a bit young but i thought he’d enjoy pushing it over
  2. Peter Rabbit – dinner set – i actually got this for less than £1 at our work sample sale, i’m super excited for Ridley to have his own set just like Rue has his own
  3. Vtech Caterpillar – i picked this up from Homesense (also where i got item 1 from – they have some great kids toys!)
  4. Wooden alphabet blocks – we got these from ELC when they had a two for £15 offer on, Ridley loves building towers and knocking them over
  5. IKEA dolls house shelf – i’ve had my eye on this forever but trying to convince WM has been a bit tricky, we popped to IKEA the other day and for the first time tried the bargain corner and found this for £13 and i wasn’t leaving without it – WM just gave me that look – you know the look? Ridley loves playing with the HappyLand people so i thought they’d fit in here perfectly plus its not to big to go in his little room

in terms of what we’re doing on his birthday i really don’t know – we was planning on going to the aquarium in Bristol but it seems a bit expensive, we’ve taken Rue before and thought it was just okay so not sure it’s worth it now we have to pay for Rues age. ideally we’d love to visit a National Trust property its just weather dependent and the weather looks naff allllll week ;( whatever we do we’ll all be together and this baby of ours will be utterly smoothered in love as always, we spend all our time hugging and kissing our boys!

So here we are baby your last week as a ‘baby’ – i’m still pretending its not happening, i think thats my way of dealing with these situations is just to pretend its not happening!

i adore you, we adore you, you are everything any more that we could of have ever asked for, i am so thankful that you are ours, that we got the chance to be parents twice, i cannot ever imagine not having two boys – their the best most beautiful happy boys! we love you!


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