f i r s t o f t h e f i r s t

first day of January, of a new year and a new adventure ♥ we spent the day jumping in muddy puddles, chasing squirrels, eating lasagna, afternoon naps all round and watching Toy Story 1 and 2 ( Rue is currently l o v i n g Toy Story), there was minimal tantrums which always makes for a pleasant day 😉

i’m feeling kinda scared by how quick last year went, i think even more so because there really is so little spare time when your a working mama that looking back it all went too fast. Too think i’ll have a three year old and a newborn this year (okay Rues not three until October but still …) it’s kinda scary but i’m also so happy and excited and lucky. it was always my dream to have all our babies by the time i’m thirty and sometimes dreams can come true. we spent some time on Friday getting the nursery room ready, it’ll be a combination of nursery and rue’s room but hey, it’ll work. once its complete i’ll share some photos it’ll probably be a couple of months before all the touches have been done as it’s hard to find the time but doing it slowly is quite enjoyable as you really get to think about it and appreciate it so much more knowing you’ve not rushed it.


My mama bird top is from here

My maternity jeans are from Asos (here)

Rues wellies are from Hunter (here)


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