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now we’re officially four months with baby baba & everyone knows I thought I’d do a little post on how the first trimesters have varied during the different pregnancies (it’ll be a good reminder for me as well as to why baby number three is pretty much off the cards, plus I’m not keen on being opened up three times 🙁 ) there’s one word for the first trimester of this pregnancy and that is ‘rough’ – I have never felt so rough day in and day out as I have done recently, whilst the sickness has been in swing it wasn’t a daily occurrence, thankful! Some days I just couldn’t even musta to move as it made me feel worse or it just felt like too much effort, likely most of my terrible days were at a weekend so I didn’t have to drag myself into work and try and get through it. The three things I’ve felt differently this time around is the sheer amount of sickness involved, that funny metallic taste (although mine tasted more like perfume to me) and the condition of my skin has been awful, to the point where at times I’m quite uncomfortable with how bad it’s been. It didn’t help that I was poorly and required a week of bed rest as I was suffering with sickness and tiredness, I found that where I was hardly eating to then not really eat for couple of days just wiped me out. One of the funny parts is Rue always tends to be very close to me when I’m poorly, like within a cm or two from my head watching and observing with the biggest smile on his face when I look up at him to reassure him that mama is okay. When he brushes his teeth next to me in the morning if I’m struggling he will pretend to struggle and make funny noises next to me, but the funniest time is when he took papas hand to go upstairs, lift the toilet seat, pretend to be poorly, flush the toilet, wash his hands (he has a little stool) and then come back down again. It was the sweetest  I know it’s also slightly weird but still cute 🙂 I’ve found the smell of meat the worst (being a vegetarian anyway I’m not overly keen) but some of WM’s meals have made me poorly in particular: 5 spiced pork loin, chicken & gravy, sardines, pasta bake. I ask him to eat in a separate room but he refuses as he doesn’t seem to understand 😐 my pregnancy time with rue was pretty much a dream only suffering with a small amount of sickness and some heartburn that was pretty much it, I mean it’s a totally different situation as it was just WM and I then so I did nothing every evening if I wanted to, this time round with a toddler depending on you and what feels like so much more pressure to do things to keep things a float it’s definitely challenged me. One other thing I’ve found hard is the almost lying to people when I couldn’t do things or go places (WM & I don’t like to tell anyone if we can help it until we’ve had our first scan, just personal preference) my dear cousins hen night was on the Saturday of August Bank Holiday weekend and my aunty has surprised her and everyone with a hot tub. How lovely/ amazing/ exciting but I had to think of a ‘lie’ as I couldn’t get in because of the heat 😐 it was obvious to KJRS as she text me the next day asking if I was pregnant to which I went back and laughed it off.

I’m hoping that now we’re into the second trimester things will start to ease, I still struggle to imagine eating certain foods so I am still a bit restricted in terms of what I will eat, I do find eating out with people a lot easier as there’s almost a certain pressure to eat so you just do it.

Things I’ve been loving this time round:

  • Lucozade orange (although I’ve been limiting myself to two small bottles a week because of the caffeine)
  • Jacket potatoes (I also lived on these with Rue)
  • Greek yogurt & granola
  • Petite filous
  • Bacon flavoured crisps
  • Chocolate orange

Things I’ve stopped eating:

  • Coke (because of the caffeine, although I didn’t stop when we was having Rue weirdly)
  • Mayo (I’m quite funny about mayo now)
  • Quiche (the egg element to it, last time with Rue I hardly touched eggs but this time I’m not being as strict with them)
  • Vitamin c tablets – I L O V E this and had one a day but I’ve stopped as there’s far too much vitamin c in them
  • Anything where I can’t be sure on the cheese that’s in it – we’re very fussy with what cheese we eat
  • Papas home grown allotment potatoes as I’ve never kept them down 🙁

(Again everyone is different and this is just what WM and I have chosen to do.)


Ps one time I was so poorly and just couldn’t stop that I flushed the toilet  as much as I could within like the set timers they have, I come down stairs hoping for a hug or a touch of affection and what do I get, WM says to me ‘ did you need to flush the toilet that many times’ ….. 😐

(I hope people don’t read this post and read it in the wrong way, I’m not moaning or complaining about how i’ve been feeling I’m just documenting the differences I’ve experienced and for us to look back and remind ourselves in years to come, because you do forget about how tough some days can be)


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