Exploring Frome for the day ☀️

So we had a little trip to Somerset planned as like a pre pre birthday celebration and on the way we decided to stop off in Frome mainly as it’s really pretty and there’s a lot of plant shops 🌱 😍

whilst Frome was lovely, not that you can tell by wm’s face, he was grumpy as he didn’t want to go away, as it turns out the weather was atrocious when we finally arrived, one of the main roads was closed and the diversion added like 30 minutes onto our journey….

we didn’t stay, we stayed 3-0 minutes in the accommodation after waiting thirty minutes in a make shift wooden container as our accommodation wasn’t ready and it pissed it down a lot!

wm wore his mask in the accommodation he hated it a lot – now I know that we can have higher standards of holidays and maybe we need to relax them but I was genuinely disappointed after seeing the amazing photos and reviews on Airbnb -there was a squashed fly on the kitchen wall, the bedsheets were dirty from the wet floor , there was one pillow for wm and rue that had stains on – I could go on and on – I don’t know if it was a mix of the wet weather as we was staying in a converted horse box and the fact the cleaner was hurrying – but we didn’t get a great vibe, the place really needed some love, if it’s a storm you don’t leave all your garden soft furnishings out do you?

we went to find dinner as it was a one night stay and chose to eat out, wm pressed the ‘go home’ option on the sat nav and whilst I didn’t say anything I had already decided we was going home, so we spent around four hours driving that day or should I say I drove for four hours and my sat nav had the exclude motorways on and the country road conditions after a while can be a bit much especially if your precious about your car! We sorted it out for the last leg of the journey and did motorway which is much easier on my foot having a manual!

so yes wm’s face sums up the day – I still had a lovely time in Frome exploring and would definitely recommend it if you have an afternoon free – it’s not the closest for us so I doubt we’d do it again unless we did it with a National Trust property as there’s a few on the way 😍



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