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So you might of seen this beauty on my insta stories the other day, I fell in love with it and just had to have it! I’ve seen so many embroidery pieces out there lately, from jumpers to blouses to jeans and whilst I’m not keen to go overboard I definitely have a pair of floral embroidery jeans next on my list once baba is here and I can try some on, I’ve learnt its way too hard to try and buy now for after baby.


I picked this up from via Asos from BooHoo, I’ve never actually purchased anything from BooHoo (only just ever saved some of their clothing in my wish list) so sizing wise I had no idea, I asked a friend at work what sizing style BooHoo are famous for, so Asos I tend to find really generous most of the time. I opted for a size 8 as I didn’t want it to flowy and it actually fits me now ….


I love the thinnest of the linen material even though I’m not overly convinced it’ll with stand the washing machine that well, but then it didn’t cost as much as other ones I’ve seen out there which is a bonus – I know Zara have a lovely version currently out there but everyone seems to be wearing it so again another bonus that I’ve managed to locate a different one! Asos sent me a discount code for being with them n i n e whole years which made the purchase that much easier 😉

I’ve put a little list of some of my favourite embroidery items together including this blouse, shop away below 😉


Happy Sunday everyone, we’re currently getting our kitchen tiled Y A Y!


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