Eleven yes e l e v e n beautiful months of your our baby – officially your last few weeks as a baby though and don’t get me started on how that’s making me feel! It certainly doesn’t get any easier the second time round with milestones – like you kinda think oh I’ve done this before it’ll be okay but it doesn’t get easier you just get on with it because growing is part of life isn’t it! But boy oh boy I wish I could go back to sitting in our garden, with you asleep on my chest just six days old wrapped up in papas hoody with the sun on my face whilst watching papa doing his gardening and planting kisses on both our heads (Rue was at nursery) its moments like those that just mean so much more than anything you could ever buy!

So here you are our beautiful bouncy chubby baba, you absolutely love eating boy you’d be grazing allll day if we let you, you want to be on your feet all day which can slightly get a bit much for papa and I walking you around hunched over, you babble away and I just adore listening to you! Bath time is one of your favourite times other than eating and walking, your still sleeping in your own room but sometimes wake up early and come in bed with us ♥️ you do the cutest little gummy teethy scrunched up smile and its beautiful! You’ll hopefully be my baby forever more – I say my baby as I always say he’s mine 😉


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