Dyrham Park with our best friends ✨

spending the day out in the sunshine at a National Trust property with my best friend I couldn’t think of a better start to the Easter bank holiday weekend! I adore Dyrham there is so much outside space and you could easily spend most of the day there, I don’t think we will be spending the day there anytime soon as there is so much walking involved and the kids need to be a bit bigger first. But I can’t wait for Ridley to be a bit older and to take picnics and for the kids to be a bit calmer 😉

anyway here’s some photos from a fab day out 🌰


ps we arrived too early and found this yellow flower fields – I’m always keen to get somewhere early and places that open at 10am+ aren’t my friend

pps love life with this guy you wouldn’t know the hissy fit Ridley had before we even got into Dyrham 🤦‍♀️

ppps rue and jack are the best little friends love watching them together!!!!


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