DIY Advent Calendars

are my fave – i start shopping for the 24 items from the beginning of the new year but then i loose attention span and then i go back to it, just as well its like a year of being able to pick bits up as it takes me a long time to find the right items, i don’t just want to buy any old bits to go in it you know? i thought i’d share 22 of the items i’ve picked up this year and honestly i haven’t spent that much really especially as its through out the year you hardly notice 😉 some things i got real cheap, we have something called a sample sale at work which happens maybe every quarter where all the samples we receive as an organisation get sold for cheap, it can definitely be a fight to get the items you’ve had you eye on!

the lighting is shocking for these photos but i think it gives you an idea of whats in the kids calendars, can tell winters here with the dim daylight photos ;(

Rue has twelve pockets and Ridley has twelve pockets. Last year the four of us shared the calendar but this year we choose to focus on the boys but maybe next year we could all share the calendar 😉

It might be a bit late to do your own but if you want to plan ahead for next year and maybe get one on offer here’s a few ones i’ve quickly found, ours is the grey version from Ferm Living and is what i think is a proper luxury at £50-ish but i adore it 😍

next up is this super cute one from Mamas and Papas, i adore Penguins so this is right up my street!


Adore this different style fabric advent calendar – not sure i can convince WM that we need another one though 😉

This one from Etsy is beautiful but on the top end of the scale, but i do think their an investment, this is our second year with ours and it’s definitely something i plan to continue for along time



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