December 2014

Wow its nearly time for Christmas, Rue’s first Christmas already! I’m a lot more active now and i’m taking him out for a walk everyday that weather permits, i’m using the babybjorn and i’m loving the flexibility that it gives me instead of the buggy. Rue generally feeds every four hours but sometimes will stretch further in the night, my routine is to bring him downstairs and lay him on the sofa whilst i prepare a bottle, we wasn’t hugely aware of the tommee tippee prep machine in his first few months but i’ll cover off why that didn’t end up walking for us later on, we then snuggle on the sofa together in the dark with the kitchen light just peaking through, he’s always milk drunk after his milk so i wait a couple of minutes just to be sure before carrying him and transporting him back to his moses basket, some mornings papa will get ready for work and rue will sleep through i tend to get up with him but then if rues still asleep i jump back into bed 😉

I spent a fair few weeks managing to have breakfast, was always toast and orange juice, whilst having the tv on in the background and rue would be so content on his jungle activity mat some days it would keep him quiet for hours!

He did like his naps though and would have three a day at this point, it always made me laugh that he’d have a nap so close to just having got up from being asleep all night! Papa would pop home on his lunch break and i’d most of the time have his lunch prepared for him, sometimes rue would be awake sometimes he’d be asleep in the baby carrier, sometimes papa will come home and i’m being a complete bitch because the food shop man has arrived i have a load of shopping a baba who hasn’t slept and i haven’t slept which doesn’t make for a happy mama.


A few things to note

  • we used to argue over who got to wear rue ha
  • we used to swaddle rue, loved swaddling him but it didn’t last long an arm would always get out
  • he’s arm moved around to much and he used to wake himself up, so we tried the love to dream swaddle/sleeping bag and it worked miracles, only problem was we really noticed it when we tried to wean him off the sleeping bag 🙁
  • rue hated tummy time and i didn’t make him do it as much as i should have but saying that he was rolling over by himself at thirteen weeks so just shows you don’t always have to do what they say
  • rue out grew his moses basket way before the six month mark, actually i don’t think we even made it to three months and then he was in his cot in his own room
  • he wore mittens to bed quite a lot because he was always marking his poor little face ( before we got the love to dream



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