D I Y Shelf

Last year or maybe earlier but i only picked up on it last year 😉 there was a huge thing on round wire shelfs! Flying Tiger is where its at for wire shelves/ shelves in general, i can just never get out of our home town to get to one! i was desperate for the instagram famous wire shelf but didn’t want to pay through the ear just because i couldn’t get to Tiger. Luckily i stumbled across Vertbaudet, which in all honestly i have never heard of until recently. Some of the stuff on their website is really different and really well priced plus they seem to have a fair few discount days yesss!

my inspiration – both images from pinterest

I saw they had their own version of the round shelf system but in baby pink it was around £33 but on sale and then an additional 10% off sale so i got it for £19 with free shipping! W i n n i n g! We picked up a can of spray paint and WM kindly sprayed it for me 🙂

When it came to hanging the shelf on the wall there was a slight delay in putting it up as we managed to pull off a fair bit of the plaster whilst trying to put it up 😐 but its up now and i love faffing with it! along with the other shelf organiser we have on the same wall further down and also the bookcase which is half for books and half for looking nice 😉

We recently picked up the Ikea shelf that everyone is going crazy for! Its only £12 its a really decent size and its so simple but yet so photo-ly perfect! i’m still faffing with it once i’m ready i’ll share more 🙂



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