Cutest little post birthday coffee date with my girl 🎈

the other morning I snuck out and went for coffee with a dear friend of mine, this coffee house was one of my favourites – its unfortunately shut down now and is being re-opened under a different feel. Which is a real shame I love a coffee shop that isn’t a chain type one and this one was perfect – I’ve been going here since before Rue was born and even took him when he was little little.

Anyway I had the best time eating, chatting, snapping all with the best company, sometimes in life you find an amazing person and you just love spending time with them because they get you on so many levels. I only wish we had longer as I had to rush back for the school pick up at 11:40 – those three hour school mornings sure do go quickly ;(

Some final snaps of one of my all-time favourite coffee shops plus a throwback of a little Rue.

Also when your borrow your friends bag for the photo opportunities πŸ˜‰

Next on my travels for coffee is Lynwood and Co Cafe in Lechlade, I shall report back with snaps and words after my visit


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