Croft Castle 🌰

I’m very behind on our Wales blog posts – I’ve planned them but haven’t wrote them, also massively behind on my ‘life according to posts’ – there is not enough time in my days/ prison break is over taking any free minute 😉

whilst we was away in wales we booked a visit to Croft Castle, there wasn’t a huge amount of NT places around where we was staying and Croft was the closest one an hour away. I kinda resented the drive on the day, holidays can be bit tiring when your the only driver 😉

honestly I wasn’t expecting much from the website, I research as much as I can before hand to see if it’s going to work for us and I wasn’t sure if this gamble was going to but I was completely wrong. We had a lovely time and it Covid wasn’t a thing there would of been even more to do! What I loved about this visit is it didn’t feel like we was in a queue system to walk around the grounds so felt like we had a proper visit that wasn’t just an hours visit. I didn’t realise there was a few walks you could do around the large grounds, it was a boiling hot day and we pasted on the walking (having walked 5 miles in the heat the day before, uphill as well)

if your ever in the area its definitely worth a visit 😍



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