Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree

our first christmas in our new home yay! really can’t believe we’re here and doing this! so yesterday we put our tree up and Rue was just so so excited! this is the first year when he understands about Father Christmas and its such a joy to watch (although trying to explain how the advent calendars work fifty times a day is a bit exhausting!)

i took a mini time lapse of WM putting the tree up and Rue and I decorating it, we did this last year too. i tried to take some photos but we didn’t start decorating until 4pm and you all know what i’m going to say …. theres just no daylight then plus our lounge is really long so the middle bit is darker as its further from the window. so yes the quality isn’t printable but still perfect for adding to here for us to look back at, last years decorating the tree post is HERE – when Ridley was still in my tummy!

as WM was putting up the tree we both looked at each other and said we definitely need a bigger tree next year, this tree was perfect for our last home but now we have more space the tree looks a bit diddy. We’re still keep it and maybe put it in our huge hallway ♥



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