Christmas Present Vlog

today i’m sharing what we’ve brought the boys for Christmas eekk! Can you believe its Christmas Day a week tomorrow! cannot believe it – as exciting as Christmas is for the boys its also that final step of my maternity leave over ;( which i just cannot believe ….

anyway not to dwell on the sadness 😉 today i’ve recorded a very quick vlog sharing what i’ve brought the kids for Christmas, well what we’ve brought the kids but lets just say WM didn’t contribute much and whenever i asked him to spend a night researching presents for the boys lets just say the TV/Playstation won …. sign of the future maybe? surely one of them will actually listen to me and help their mama, any bets on which one?

i’ve been meaning to do this for a while as i started shopping for the boys back in October but just haven’t got round to it and then WM commented on how lovely my hair looked, i managed to straighten it this week (mamas i know you hear me – its a struggle to find the time!) so i thought today is the day!

(i’ve linked all the items we picked up below in case your after some last minute purchases)


[shopr_shopthepost collection=”christmas-presents” title=”Christmas presents”]


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