Christmas Ideas for Kids 🎄

Its close, it’s 4.4 crazy weeks until Christmas – crazy right? Wasn’t it only Christmas the other month or is that how it feels because of the hype of Christmas, some of you know i feel Christmas is over hyped but that doesn’t mean i can’t bring you a series of gift guides for your families 😉 i might be getting a tad over excited but hopefully i’ll do more than one gift guide. Starting with kids so here’s ten ideas of presents for babs

2. Colouring books/ sticker books/ activity books
I normally go to The Works for the above or eBay is probably good
3. Wooden clock or Wilkos used to have one for £4
We have a Chad Valley mat which has pockets for animals and letters for kids to copy but they seem to have stopped selling it but there’s loads of choice out there and the best thing is theres no mess!
ideas of places to shop
1. Argos
have some amazing toys on two for £15 or two for £30. We’ve got two toys from the 2 for £15 in our basket, one is a kids toy buggy with a baby in for Ridley as he likes feeding babies 😉 and either the pull along slingy from Toy Story (we’ve got Rue the Woody doll for Christmas) or a duplo set.
2. Early Learning Centre
sometimes have offers on – i got Rues alphabet letters on offer & I’ve seen item 5 on offer I just didn’t purchase it yet// trying to pick it up second hand on eBay 😉 i’m not sure it’s worth £30 as although i hope we’ll use it a lot for spellings i don’t know we actually will
3. eBay
do some good brand new or second hand toys, I picked up a small musical guitar for Ridley second hand for £1.50 plus p&p the other month, it’s also good for specialist items, Rue love Ninja Turtles & Power Rangers at the moment and some of this stuff normally is pricey or limited! I picked up the Ninja Turtle Dressing up shell from eBay for £1.50 compared to the £20 in toy shops! Fancy dress outfits I’ve picked up some from eBay & Rue’s had some brand new from eBay another great present idea that could be cheap!
4. Supermarkets
have some great offers, we picked up a my first Thomas train track from Tesco for £8 and other places it’s £16 so a result! and then the trains to go with the track on google are pricey!! like so pricey i was gobsmacked but then i popped into Asda and saw them selling for £4.50 each winning!
5. Boots
is another good option getting closer to Christmas with their 3 for 2 option – even if not for kids but for adults 😉
6. Charity Shops
my favourite – because most of the time you can not only get some bargains but some items have never been open!! We have picked up a couple of bits for the boys for future birthdays which are brand new for a fraction of the price! Or even if it has been open the wear is minimal and at a young age they aren’t going to know!
7. Wilkinsons
have some great toys, fact, but also their wooden range of toys is really good. I think online various to whats in store but both are definitely worth checking out.

couple of items i’ve seen lately

i saw this in ELC and thought it would make a nice present and then i checked back on Black Friday and picked it up for £2 👏

i thought this would make a perfect present for a little one, Ridley would love this, i tried to pick this up on BF but had no luck, Ridleys presents are in much lower supply then Rues right now.

these are just super cute and a great way to start understanding the days of the week, the other thing i like about these pants is the style, its a really generous fit compared to some brands who are super tight on the amount of fabric used. i didn’t manage to pick these up as they sold out ;(


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