Christmas Charity Giving ⛄

Ever since I was little I can remember my dad always always sticking his hand in his pocket for loose change whenever we went past a charity box, admittedly it’s not something I’ve carried on doing as ask anyone who knows me and they tell you I never have change, I pay for everything on card – something both my parents struggle to understand how I can put 99p on my debit card! On a rare occasion that I offer to pay towards car parking because I have like 50p my mum pretends to faint every time because it is so rare! I can’t be the only one who doesn’t carry change now a days, surely?

Working for a charity makes you realise just how much they rely on donations, kind gestures and people who donate their time. There’s so many charities out there and a lot of them have really good marketing to encourage you to give so it’s really tough to pick which one/ ones you’re going to support. My list isn’t very big but every little helps right! Last Christmas I had all the intentions of making up shoe boxes and sending off to children in disadvantage countries but in all honestly I failed and didn’t manage to do it, which just made me more determined this year! I started much earlier in the year collecting toys/ clothes/ toiletries that could be sent off. The Salvation Army is a charity that always touches me at Christmas time, their marketing gets me and pulls me in, every year I put it on my list but never actually tick it off, this year is different all of the bits I’ve collected throughout the year we put into a bag and dropped off at the Salvation Army centre on Saturday morning , they run a  ‘Christmas Present Appeal’ each year where your donated items will be given out to homeless people. It’s so nice knowing that our little contribution will hopefully help make someone smile on Christmas day.

I have a monthly direct debit set up for Save the Children which I’ve been doing for a couple of years now, again their TV marketing campaign really got me one year probably even more so as having Rue makes you never want any child to have to go through what so many million do. I couldn’t not try and help. This is my one ongoing charity I support, they also sent me a campaign email (similar to the Salvation Army) a list of items that could be donated to help people in less fortunate countries, again I read this email and I couldn’t ignore it, I tell you these Marketing Directors are good! The item that touched me the most on the list was the birth kit for a midwife at £12 a mere £12 to help deliver a life to the world, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to give birth in some countries, after my ordeal with Rue and how dangerous that was even thinking of going through that without proper medical care is scary.

Lastly is charity shop donations, we always go to the same shop, always, which is the British Heart Foundation. We visited them roughly two weeks ago with a bag and box of items for their shop in town – papa is the sweetest and is always the one to knock and have a chat with the staff before handing over the donated items. British Heart Foundation is a charity we support on an ongoing basis, eventually I’d like to support them in more ways than just donating items again it’s on my list 🙂

Giving to charity is something I’ve been brought up with and it’s something I hope to pass on to our children as I think it’s such a vital thing to do as without us charities just wouldn’t exist! So please do look into donating or volunteering for a charity of your choice as I’m sure they’d love to hear from you!



  1. Jesnnie
    December 6, 2016 / 7:27 pm

    You have such a big kind heart, you are so very very lovely xx

    • boeywmx
      December 8, 2016 / 8:47 am

      ♡ xxx

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