Christmas 2 0 1 9 🎅🏻

It felt forever off and we did nothing in the build up to it because it was a time of sickness, tonsillitis and surviving the mayhem. These people with kids who take them to all the events and the photos look perfect I doubt that’s real or it’s certainly not real over here and we’re okay with that, neither of us our Christmas fans at all, to me its completely over hyped and very commercialised. Now it’s here it seems to be dragging on and on and I kind of want it to leave now so we can get back to normal and look forward to spring. Plus it’s our first Christmas of covering school holidays and it’s not great when you have to take time off different to your partner just to get through the school holidays.

We was with our best friends on Christmas Eve Eve and then my ma on Christmas Eve and then the four of us Christmas day and Boxing day and then I was back at work the Friday, which I very much welcomed the peace! We’re already thinking and planning what we might do next year at Christmas as it falls so well we have four solid days off together 😊

Next year we’re also really trying to encourage people to buy less for the boys, they were so lucky this year but you know when kids have a lot of stuff and don’t really enjoy it because their constantly looking for the next present, this was Rue this year and it’s just not a way we want the kids to be, so before Ridley gets like this also we’re trying to encourage people to buy just one present and if they like put some pennies into their accounts instead! I’ve already started shopping for Ridley’s birthday picking up little bits here and there when I see them, we won’t be going crazy as he really isn’t into presents and a three year old doesn’t really need much right 😊

And now for the photo overload ❤



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