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Hello i’m back with another little National Trust visit blog post – i recently visited Croome with work and although we only really saw one tiny part of it i had to share that part with you!

We went for a training course and our meeting room was situated in the ‘Walled Garden’ which is only open i believe at certain parts of the year. The walk down to the walled garden was really beautiful – the time of year with all the leaves makes it super pretty on a sunny day! We walked past the Church which is under construction and we had a fab view of the house from the grounds above. We even managed to see the house which has been built around a tree to make their very own little tree house!

The vegetables grown in the walled garden are unbelievable – i felt so bad that i was there when this sought of thing is what William loves! they had two beautiful glass greenhouses which are just made of dreams – the day was super sunny and we got to do activities outside (the activities were WM’s sought of worst nightmare 😉 ) which was lovely to sit outside for under an hour, i’m sat at a desk or in a meeting room for over eight hours a day which is so not healthy!

we’re planning on taking the kids maybe next Spring/ Summer time – it’s bit of a drive from us maybe 1hour and 15minutes on a good day so we’d have to watch the kids falling asleep at al the wrong times 😉 two things i did see when walking down to our room was signposts for a ‘playground’ and a ‘nature playground’ and on the way out there was tons of apples and pears with donations for these welcome.



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