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I booked a little night away for papa and I directly after the New Year, I thought it’d be a chance for us to spend some time together but also to discuss the coming year ahead and what are dreams and aspirations for 2016 are. It was also a much needed opportunity for me to treat WM to a trip to za za bazaar – I had been in the summer before and whilst it was an experience, for veggies it’s still a bit limiting but for a meat eater who loves to eat it was an opportunity for him to be in his element (and gained a night off from cooking!). The trip didn’t start well when we got twenty minutes or so down the road and I realised I’d left my shoes in the porch 😐 papa kindly let me stop off on the way and he treated me to some new ones 😉 I swear I didn’t plan it! Our room & hotel was lovely and felt like a real treat 🙂 it was so so lovely to spend some time just us, I really miss it sometimes, I’m used to it now but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss it and then when I do get a snippet it brings back so many happy memories.

Saturday night we spent having food, walking around the harbour, watching people ice skate (one of WM’s favourite things to do)  and chatting before an early night because you know we’re tired parents! I did wake up in the night to check my phone and then did get up at six to check rue got up okay and waited what felt like forever for my mum to text back and then by that point I was awake, but it was still lovely to just lay in bed with a drink and the radio on because it may not sound like it but trust me it was a luxury! We took full advantage of the continental and the full English too which were both a m a z i n g! We relaxed some more before we headed home, our plan was to spend some time in Clifton but the weather wasn’t in our favour so we went directly home to see our boy, I promise we don’t smother him or spoil him but we are very attached to him ♥



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