c o r n f i e l d s ♥

who else was up at out at 830am on Sunday morning to take family photos? just us?

surely we can’t be the only family to go out just for photos?

anyway thats what we was doing on Sunday morning, it was such a beautiful day we couldn’t not take the boys out, still a bit chilly that early in the morning though 😉

the boys were fab, Ridley didn’t moan once when i took him in and out of his car seat, Rue was in his element in the corn field and collecting sticks, papa secretly moans whenever i ask to go out for photos but he always loves it, whats not to love we’re outside all together in the sunshine!

i used the self timer on these which has a tendency to blur if you don’t have someone already lined up in focus when you press the button, these photos came out fab i think and i’m so pleased with them, definitely some for the photo wall that i don’t have spare right now ha!


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