c h r i s t m a s d e c o r a t i o n s ❄

So its official we put our Christmas tree up this weekend – we’ve been in our house for four christmases and we’ve only had a tree up for two of them including this year. I thought this year would be another where I might get away with it – sounds really bad I know but its the constant ‘don’t touch that’, ‘don’t pull the tree over’ ‘please don’t break that’ that I wasn’t looking forward too, we kind of did a road test first to see if Rue was ready for a tree and first thing he tried to do was pull it down but his reaction to Christmas this year has been amazing, I thought it would be more next year but he’s say Christmas tree, snowman & father Christmas allll day everyday at the moment! He’s just so excited, he doesn’t know what for but there’s nothing cuter than seeing him all excited by the small things like Christmas lights and seeing a picture of father Christmas on the television.

As it’s our first time I quickly picked up the DLSR and propped it upon the radiator cover to try and take some photos, if I had planned it the photos would look better and I would be looking a bit better but not all photos can be perfect right. I tried very hard to get a family photo which was zoomed in on just us but it wasn’t really working so I decided enough is enough and i’ve ordered the tripod I mentioned in my earlier post here. So hopefully we’ll start to have some decent looking tripod/ timer photos very soon 😉



The rest of the weekend was spent kind of relaxing as I had a really full on week so didn’t really want to do too much at the weekend, we spent Saturday afternoon with Kel catching up and playing with Rue. Sunday we picked up some paint as we’re decorating the lounge this week yay! It’s not a radical change but hopefully this time it will be 100% finished instead of part bodged for over two years 😐 I didn’t quite realise how cold it would be before we promised Rue we’d go out on his bike, we didn’t stay out for long but he loved every second of it – I can’t wait till he can probably enjoy it next year 🙂





  1. December 7, 2016 / 11:37 am

    HOW CUTE is that advent calendar?! Such lovely pictures mama bear! Xxx

    • boeywmx
      December 8, 2016 / 8:46 am

      Aw thank you so much beautiful! I’m so not happy with the actual quality of them so i’m trying to do a crash course on how my Nikon works ha! ♡ xxx

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