c h r i s t m a s – 2 0 1 6 ♡

So thats it Christmas has come and gone for another year …. although we all know it’ll be here again before we know it. I must admit i’m knackered and feel like I need a week off just me & WM to recover from the endless amounts of planning, thinking, organising, visiting and tantrums. I believe most of it falls to the woman – planning the presents/ buying the presents/ sending the presents/ making arrangements to see people/ making sure auntie Dawn in Cheshire’s present gets there on time/ making sure Rue has a Christmas jumper for Christmas jumper week oh no wait I failed that one/ ensuring we have the right amount of food in to last even though your eating out for two of the days/ taking a photo of Rue with elf on the shelf and uploading to his nursery page nope wait failed on that one again/ picking up deliveries/ ensuring everyones had a piece of Rue over the festive period/ making time for us as a family/ I think you get my point right it’s an endless amount of dare I say hassle for the working mama and to think in years to come it’s bound to be even more full on regardless of if you want it to be. WM and I broke up from work on the Friday and then from Saturday through to Thursday we had plans e v e r y d ay to see family and friends which is super full on, like so full on, for me anyway, by Boxing Day we looked at each other and was both thinking ‘do we have to do this all again’ – we sound like humbugs I know but what it comes down to is we’re used to spending time just us and thats what we like best.

Putting all of the above aside it was so lovely to have a break together, normally WM has too work and I always seem to have to work over Christmas, this year included so it was lovely to have one of us home all the time. We’ve spent so much time in our living room watching disney films and eating snacks – I seriously can’t tell you how many Disney films have been on, it’s far too many but it’s been absolutely lovely, apart from the two year full swing tantrums 😐 (you know the ones where after you’ve not spent anytime apart for five solid days & you’ve been trying to meet peoples expectations and then this one little tantrum pushes you over the edge and I took myself upstairs for a cry and a lay down) we’ve pottered around the house making little changes here and there and removing so much clutter and junk ready for baby, we’ve done baking and had buffet lunches for lunch every day – all stuff we wouldn’t normally do and its been wonderful.

But its fair to say i’m one knackered mama and I go back to work tomorrow yay ….

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