C H R I S T M A S 2018 🎅🏻

I don’t have much to write about you as it was alll about the four of us, being at home, opening presents and e a t i n g! oh and more eating.

The boys had the best time and we lucky were all well for the festive week, thank you above, we had no real plans, we like to mini hibernate at Christmas, this is our second year of hibernating (we take it in turns to decide what to do at Christmas, the last two years have been WM’s choice and next year is mine 😉 ) and whilst it may be my turn i’ll still consider WM’s view. I’m really hoping we’ll go away either for Christmas (highly unlikely as think the work rota for WM has already been booked by someone else) so we’ll hopefully go away between Christmas and New Year instead, i always find that time a bit random so maybe going away will make it feel more purposeful.



(i haven’t edited any of the photos in this post as i’m lazy, i got tomato down my new jumper hence the stain, my jeans are a size too small i’m trying to stretch them but clearly not working! and finally it was Ridleys nap time when we took these)

I don’t have many photos from Christmas day like non of the kids opening their photos because the lighting at 7am is impossible to get a photo right? i can’t take photos if the lighting isn’t right, i just can’t.

i hope you all had a lovely happy healthy christmas break, doing what you wanted to do and not feeling like you had to be in a thousand places at once trying to please everyone.

Heres to a happy and healthy 2 0 1 9 ✨


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