BLOC – Gatwick Review

’l0oks at Gatwick airport parking in December roughly £60, adds to budget spreadsheet to book in March as was paying holiday off till February’

gets to March and car parking is at £159 …….

finds a package with BLOC Gatwick – we was planning on staying over the night before our 9am flight as was just kinder to the kids. BLOC wasn’t the cheapest but I liked the idea of staying in the airport and not having to park the car in the morning or get a bus. The deal we got was for their premium family room with parking for 11 nights  for £228 – I know it’s a lot!

But it worked so well, apart from not being able to find where to park and it causing one hell of a mood in the car 😐 other than that it was perfect. The room was perfect and whilst some BLOC rooms are considered tiny this room was perfectly fine, might not of been if we went for the general family room.The smallest room in the hotel doesn’t have a window which might be bit freaky but again it’s just one night.

The staff were really lovely and very helpful, there’s free coffee from the local coffee house, there’s priority security available, there’s no noise at all from other rooms and the runway and we was on the runway part right at the end of the hotel, it came with free bottled water, everything was controlled by a tablet on the wall and the controlled room darkening blinds were amazing 👌

The kids absolutely loved it and it was such a good way to start the holiday by being there and not stressing or driving. It was expensive and another expense on top of the holiday but we had budgeted and always planned to stay over we just maybe budgeted like £160 😉



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