best clothes for being a mama 💋

I thought I’d write about the best clothes for being a mama, gone are the days of being precious about clothing, babas are messy & therefore you tend to become messy, many of times i’ve got to work with snot trails down my arm or random food mess on my outfit!

Below is the key points in picking clothing:

  • Comfort – I’ve always been about the comfort but these days even more so, I’m talking strechy waistbands & clothes that move when you move
  • Ease – most days we spend more time trying to get Rue dressed & out the house then we do on ourselves, therefore slip on clothes/ trainers are a life saver!
  • Iron free – I ‘try’ to buy clothing that doesn’t require any maintence as I don’t want to spend my little free evening time ironing, therefore blouses/ shirts tend to be off the list for now.
  • Price range – I’ve always found womans clothing to be far more affordable then mens so I haven’t really changed how much I’m prepared to spend on clothes, clothing for WM on the other hand is soooo expensive & rightly so he likes it to stay nice but with Rue this is just not possible. So lately we’ve been looking for more affordable alternatives so if an accident does happen its okay 😉
  • Colour trend – my colour palette really isn’t out there much, it’s mainly navy, black & grey with a splash of red from time to time so this year I’m hoping to add some mustard themes into my wardrobe this summer! I doubt I will 😉
  • Items that last – I sound so old but really its about good quality items that last & also trying to identify key pieces that you can wear again & again, I’ve got a gorgeous navy checked dress which I’ve owned for five years now and its definitely staying with me for a while longer, plus its so easy to put on with tights & my Dr Martens and ta dah a fairly nice outfit 😉
  • Less is more – so I’ve mentioned this before & I’m really keen to stick buy it, this year I’m thinking less is more in terms of how many pieces of clothing you need. I’ve started a minimalist clothing board (below) which is helping to guide me on what I need vs what I need to let go of.

Now really isn’t the right time for me to do a mini Spring wardrobe update, even though so many items are calling me 🙁 I’m mainly looking at Asos only because honestly my list will just grow & grow if I widen the sites I search plus it’s impossible to spend the time trawling through the wide range of online sites out there.  I currently have 49 items saved in my save list on my Asos app so I’ve picked a few of my mama friendly items to share with you plus another board containing the items I’m most definitely hoping to pick up/ interested in ♥

on my ‘i’d like this’ list – the swimsuit is just w o w!



on my to buy list (although I still won’t buy them all!) there was also a beautiful navy wrap jumpsuit (here) which is definitely high on my list, i’m definitely keen to try and pull a jumpsuit off!


Its our Friday today so we’re putting babs to bed and having the biggest bowl of ice cream!


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  1. Jesnnie
    February 23, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    Snot trails 😂😂😂 I love your honesty, you are so on the mark. Love you so much xxx

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