Beach clean with my babe 🐠🐡

some of you will know we’re away in Greece currently and whilst I have a whole load of posts in the making I thought I’d share this one first. The weather was overcast on the Sunday so Rue and I went to the beach to look for shells and to look for plastic. Rue started off just about the shells but then he full on turnt to just looking for plastics when I told him why we was picking up plastic. It was really sad that we found way more pieces of plastic then shells – I think we found 14 shells and 57 bits of plastic from the smallest bit of beach.

i think it’s really important to teach children from a young age about the environment and how we are all responsible for our own actions, we phoned papa on the way back and rue was so excited to tell him how he saved all the fish from getting hurt 🐡 I mean what a kid!

we got ice cream after to celebrate our hard work 🐠



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