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Hello 👋 and welcome to my first of many review blog posts

So today I’m going to be sharing what products I’ve used on the babs skin for both eczema and cradle cap. Both boys have suffered badly with eczema and its been really tough to watch their skin getting worse. I took Rue to the doctors three times and came away with three different treatment options of which none of them seemed to clear it or reduce it by more than 50%, there was some improvement but not as much as you’d hope. Ridleys been to the doctors twice and I’ve tried two new creams that I haven’t tied with Rue (and I also tried one of Rues I still had and in date) but none of these worked either. Ridleys was much much worse than Rues and sometimes I’d have a little tear as I took his babygrow off and his skin was just so sore. Didn’t help he was so little when we had like the worlds hottest summer (please don’t be that hot again this year ….)

So two products I want to shout and rave and scream about are

1.        Childs Farm lotion – a friend recommended this to me and honestly I was totally sceptical and thought there was no way on earth this £4 bottle of counter cream was going to work. But I researched it and saw nothing but good reviews (the odd poor one obviously) so I mentioned it to WM (we always check with each other first) and he was up for trying it so we did and we haven’t looked back! Its been amazing for Ridleys skin and his skin is no longer crusty, red, sore, weeping its beautiful and soft and he’s not scratching a quarter as much (Ridley was the biggest scratcher!) I have found you need to be consistent with applying it, sounds easy right but sometimes life doesn’t go to plan and you might be rushing or staying at family and don’t apply for a couple of days and I found his skin did take a step back when I didn’t apply it night and day. Also worth mentioning Rue grew out of his by about 11 months it just vanished.

2.        Kokoso baby coconut oil – another one I was totally sceptical about, coconut oil is going to cure my sons cradle cap yeah right. Again both boys suffered with this, it was probably more noticeable on Ridley as he still doesn’t have any hair compared to Rue who was born with a fair bit of hair. Rue unfortunately still has cradle cap – it’s slowly going but because we didn’t know about coconut oil back then we was using either a cradle cap shampoo or olive oil of which neither did anything! Then as his hair grew it became hardly to manage that along with him screaming bloody murder whenever we wash his hair ;(  but for Ridley it was much worse (again bless him) we had to try and do something as his head looked so sore. I saw someone raving about Kokoso baby on instagram and decided to read up about it and it seemed really really good, the following night the company owner was on Dragons Den so was interesting to learn more about them & why they launched Kokoso. WM picked a pot up from JoJo Maman Bebe which was also on offer (hello winning!) and its been the best oil for Ridleys head, each night papa would massage his head with the oil which nearly sent him to sleep, you don’t need much and it took hardly any time to clear up! If hes head gets a bit dry we’ll put some of this on and its back to normal the next day!

So heres two products I highly recommend if your babs suffer with either of the above!


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