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today is the next instalment in my favourites section for the boys, i’ve thought long and hard about my top ten go toos for them to share with you, these are just my opinions and products i’ve tried and loved ♥

1.first up is a good muslin, i swear by these and always pretty much have one attached to me! my go to ones are either Mamas & Papas large one (here) or Turtle Doves set of two (here). Ridley sleeps on two muslins which cover his sleepyhead and he also likes to hold one sometimes when he goes to sleep or mainly chew on them! We used the Turtle Dove ones when in hospital and ever since then Ridleys always slept with a muslin close by.

2.Snooze shade – this is fab for when i’m doing the nursery run (here) and Ridley falls asleep and ideally i’d like him to stay asleep i just pop this over his car seat and it prevents the light from waking him up, it’s also fab when its sunny and you struggle to keep the sun out of their eyes, it has a little zipper in the middle so they can still see you and doesn’t neccesarily have to be used for sleeping times.

3.B A B Y W E A R I N G – i cannot get enough of baby wearing, give me all the baby wearing! we carried Rue up until he was two in the Ergo 360 sling (here) and hopefully we’ll be doing the same with Ridley. We didn’t start Rue off in a sling until he was eight weeks old and that was with as Baby Bjorn (which we quickly sold due to the poor structure of it with bigger babies) we researched better when looking for a long lasting comfortable sling and found the Ergo and its been one of the best most used buys! You’ll always catch me on the weekend wearing Ridley on both days, always me, papa was only saying last weekend he hasn’t carried Ridley in the sling yet and thats because i’m hogging over here! 😉 so yes i cannot recommend the Ergo 360 enough!!

4.Kokoso baby oil – i’d seen so many people using Kokoso on instagram and was a bit unsure whether it would be as good as they all raved and honestly its amazing! We’ve only used it on Ridleys head to help with his cradle cap and it worked instantly, its been amazing! for weeks we tried a variety of different options of which some made it worse some didn’t seem to be doing much but as soon as we used this it cleared it right up and his poor little head was no longer sore! We picked ours up from here and whilst it was on offer!

5.Boots baby bath wash – when Rue was first born well like within the first four weeks we used Johnsons on him and it brought him out in the worst rash, it made me panic so much & was straight on the phone to my mum! ever since then we have not gone near Johnsons and don’t intend too! both boys have suffered with both dry skin and eczema so we have to be really careful what we put on their skin, for the first year Rue had prescription bath oil until his eczema cleared up, when it did i headed to Boots and tried out their baby bath (here), i trust Boots mum always used Boots suncream on me when i was little and i’ve had sensitive skin so thought it was a good place to start and its been fab and its the only bubble bath we use on Rue now. Ridley currently has prescription bath oil which seems to be working well on his dry skin bless him.

6. Sister & co dream cream – my sweet friend Jess brought this for me (here) shortly after having Ridley and its been a go to ever since, honestly it smells so lovely and is so nourishing that WM & I have both reached for it to work wonders on our skin too! we’ve been using this for nearly five months and for a smaller size pot it definately lasts well!

7. Metamium cream – this was recommended to us by Rues nursery whenever he was slightly sore in the nappy area, we’d previously been using Sudocream which quite frankly did nothing for Rue, we always have a stash of Bepanthen in the house due to tattoo times so we’d reach for this if it was bad. But since being introduced to Metamium (here) we have never looked back and will continue to always use this! It can turn the sorest reddest bot back to normal in less than over night, honestly it works wonders! its horrible when bab tells you he’s sore so having this on hand to ease it for him is a blessing.

8. Tomme Tippee thermometer (here) – if like us you have a few solid months of babs being poorly this will become your best friend and your piece of mind! Rue was poorly what felt like permantely from September 2015 – January 2016, he started nursery in September 2015 and it took him a while to build up his immune system and lets just say it was a super tough few months all round! We always take this on holiday with us and just as well we did as when we was away on holiday to Majorca in September 2015 and Rue came down with tonsillitis his temperature soared to 42.5! its easy to feel a baby and think yes their hot but its hard to determine how hot that is, this instantly tells you how you need to react and luckily for us on holiday we called out the emergency doctor (who arrived within 10 minutes, longest 10 minutes e v e r) and helped make our little boy feel better!

9. Avent baby bath & room thermometer (here) – we’ve used this for the bath since the day we brought Rue home from the hospital, even for his bath now and most definitely for Ridleys bathes, again it gives you that reassurance that the temperature is right for your little one. Rue also loved to chew on the rubber texture when in the bath and i’m sure Ridley will follow suit 😉 personally we haven’t used it as a room thermometer as we have a Gro Egg which i just adore, its a thermometer and nightlight in one.

10. Last up is the incredible Dr Browns bottles (here), if your formula feeding your baby honestly i swear by these! With Rue i hold my hands up and say i had no idea what i was doing or that there was so many different types of bottles available! Rue originally was on Tommee Tippee bottles but we soon faced a whole series of changes to make Rue feel more comfortable, one of those changes was introducing the Dr Browns bottles and along with the other changes we had a very happy baby! We’ve used these bottles from the beginning with Ridley and he’s been great on them.





  1. Grace
    August 27, 2017 / 11:36 am

    This is great lovely! Will be following all your tips! Xxx

    • Chloe Maguire
      August 27, 2017 / 6:55 pm

      You BABE!! Thank you that means so so much! Anyway I can help let me know! Love you xxx

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