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so i’m starting a new little section over here where i share some of my favourite clothes/ toys/ activities that the babs love! each month i do my monthly favourites and whilst i’m not sure i’ll be doing the same in baby format i’ll certainly be sharing more of the boys favourites over the next few months 🙂

first up is books – we have so so many books although some haven’t survived Rues hands! most of our books are second hand, my half sister is eight and so my Dad has passed her immaculate books down to the boys, some of which i’ve put away as Rue kinda just likes to rip the pages out at this age 😐

  • Thats Not My collection – we have so many of these and their so good for toddlers, theres not too many words or pictures in the book to overload their little minds plus it has a sensory side to it where each page has a different texture for the kids to touch and learn about
  • Peppa Pig – both boys love these, i read one of these each night to Ridley and Rue often picks these up for us to read to him
  • Nursery rhyme sing along – we have four of these and their so good, again similar to the first point the book isn’t overloaded. Rue knows the actions to ‘head,shoulders, knees and toes’  which is so cute – what i love is that it doesn’t sing its just the music
  • Zoo Mum – is a ridiculously cute touch and feel book that we love to read
  • The hungry caterpillar – i think its so lovely to share the same books with the boys that WM and I would have read when we was little and this one is a classic. Rue loves to look at all the food and name them all
  • Funnybones – again this is a childhood classic! we don’t tend to read it i tend to sing it, its quite wordy so Rue does get a bit overloaded half way through
  • Kiss me – my all time favourite, i read this book to Rue on repeat for months over and over, i just love the words in it and when he was younger he’d flick forward to show my the bugs
  • Rabbityness – is a beautiful illustrated book that a lady from work gave to us when Rue was one, she’s amazing & her books are just beautiful! Rue loves the bunny and all the bright colours!
  • Storm whale – the cutest little story about a dad, his son and a whale – not overly heavy on words and full of page full pictures its a lovely bedtime read.


some of my favourites book reading photos





how cute is he in these pjs and how tiny compared to now ;(

coming up next time baby essentials ♥



  1. Sophia
    July 27, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    Oh my goodness Chloe I love the pictures of Rue in black and white – just gorgeous xx

    • Chloe Maguire
      July 27, 2017 / 7:30 pm

      Thank you lovely lady!! He looks so small compared to now ;( I love them too! 🙂 xxx

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