b i r t h d a y b o y 🎈

my baby is three, three whole years old! seriously i cannot believe it! i think i’ve shared a memory before – when a lady at the checkout asked how old Rue was and at the time he was three weeks old & time was going the slowest it ever had in my whole life and she made the same comment/ the comment i’m about to make ‘they grow up so fast’ …. she’s right they do, but sometimes when your in a funk its incredibly hard to see that!

my first born, the one who taught me to be a mother, who taught me how much you love & dote on your children, who made us a family, who has taught me so much about the person i was waiting to become, who taught me my family is all that matters.

so papa had a long weekend off work to celebrate babs birthday, not a huge amount of plans as we was going with the flow. We took Rue trampolining on Friday morning followed by his favourite ‘McDonalds’, papas first time trampolining at Freedog and the boys were well off whilst Ridley and i watched/ half joined in. It was the best seeing papa & Rue hold hands and then jump into the foam pit.

Saturday we took the boys Pumpkin picking at Millets Farm, we took Rue last year post HERE, plus Papa loves the garden centre, i love the farm shop & Rue was in awe of the Christmas display which too me was so so over the top (total humbug over here, its one day people like one day honestly i don’t understand) we came home & played with Rues birthday presents and had pizza for dinner followed by birthday cake that papa made the day before.

Sunday we was going to take Rue out somewhere on his bike but honestly the day before had been a bit hard, its been a while since we ventured outside Swindon for longer than an hour or two & i forgot just how much planning/ effort/ time & stuff you have to take just for a simple morning out, mamas i know you hear me! so we still took Rue out on his bike but stayed local and we decided the days with no plans are kinda the best days as your not in a rush/ stressed/ on a timer and they evolve a lot less bickering! papa picked up some boardgames for Rue and we played these allll afternoon!Β Rues still learning to play these so for now we play them his way πŸ™‚


we didn’t go crazy on birthday presents for Rue because thats just not the type of parents that we are (i’m working on a post all about our parenting style) nowadays people in our opinion go way way over the top like so over the top & that isΒ so not us at all. We’d much rather take the kids out for the day or do the small things that we think mean so so much more! its not about a shed load of plastic crap its about spending time with your kids and showing them how much you love them!

so we picked Rue up five presents which i’ve took photos of below & linked them where i can.

  1. captain america magnetic shield, here
  2. Hulk doll, here, i got mine on sale for Β£10 at Sainsburys!
  3. Nerf gun, here, Rue pretends most things are a pee-an as he calls it so we picked up this one for him …
  4. 3 in 1 mini games, here
  5. Thomas mega bloks, similar here, i got this on sale too for Β£12 at Β TK Maxx

we picked up some of Rues presents from Smyths online toy shop and they had a really good selection of 2 for Β£15 on toys! plus if you spend over Β£20 you get free delivery, which was super quick too!


decoration wise i was keen to try & make it a little special for him after feeling so rough last year with being pregnant that i didn’t manage much! so i saw this hoop garland decorations and thought they were different & looked really good so i tried to make my own version, i picked up all the supplies off eBay (the hoop Β£2, silver balloons Β£1.20, glitter balloons Β£1,50 & the 3 balloon Β£1) it took me a while to ‘try’ and cover the hoop in yarn but you could spray paint it like the pinterest ideas did.

the cake mix was one that just required water & oil (papa could of easily made a cake but its not fair for him to be out in the kitchen on his day off!) i picked up this ombre 3 candle from Asda & then also my safari ones from Paperchase.


we’d been building up to his birthday in his mind, we said to him when he comes down & sees balloons & presents thats when you know its your birthday and his little face was so excited! it was adorable, papa brought him down whilst i was feeding Ridley waiting downstairs and we sang happy birthday to him & he opened his presents whilst we all sat on the floor, it was so special. i caught a few moments on my camera so i’ll put together a tiny birthday vlog soon.


happy birthday my sweet boy, we love youΒ so much!Β a l w a y sΒ β™₯



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