is actually WM’s birth town & he’s up for moving here one day but realistically this isn’t going to happen with Bristol house prices!

We had a day out to Bristol following the recent Upfest festival, Upfest is a yearly graffiti/ street art festival in Bristol which normally takes place in July. I’ve been meaning to go for about three years, a friend of mine introduced it too me and i’ve been itching to go since she said but its just never happened!

Decided this is the year, i’m off work on annual leave, we need to get out the house as we have the builders in so lets go! Kate was amazing and not only let us park at her house for free she also draw us a map of the local area highlighting all the things she knows we’ll be interested in! it was so easy, arriving, parking, following the map, not getting lost.

We spent a good hour walking and looking at the street art whilst popping into a few shops, we then thought the kids need a bit of ‘kid’ time and Kate had mentioned there was a park so we took aΒ stop off there and Rue was loving it, actually he didn’t want to leave but we had a good twenty minute walk to get lunch.

Rue was again outstanding with his walking, we walked absolutely miles and not once did he moan, groan, refuse! he fell straight to sleep when we got in the car, literally in seconds, but when we got home he refused he’d be asleep πŸ˜‰

Ridley was good as gold, Ridley is really hit and miss with going out for periods of time in the buggy, for WM he’s no problem for me he tends to whine, apart from that one time Grace and I took the babies out and neither of them complained! but its rare for Ridley to not moan when in the buggy for longer periods of time. We tend to feed him to keep him happy but then this could go on for a while & you’d think come lunch he wouldn’t be hungry but he is, he doesn’t stop eating ever!

After leaving the play park we headed to the habourside for lunch and mooch around, they have the M Shed there (which tells you all about the stories of the city) we popped in but it was so busy we popped straight back out again πŸ˜‰ we had lunch at Wapping Wharf in the Cargo unit area, we went to the Vegetarian & Vegan unit for a curry, and it was so good!! like so good! Β its such a trendy little area with so much going on & to look at!

we headed over the @Bristol museum after lunch just for a mooch and because Ridley was still hungry & i had ran out of supplies and theres a Tesco over there …. so much to look at and run if your little, Rue was in his element, not so much when we didn’t let him in the water river area, WM wasn’t up for this at all πŸ˜‰

it was just lush to be outside in the sunshine, in a different town, without spending hardly anything & just going with the flow, we picked Rue up a sword from a charity shop whilst we was there and that combined with his hat (addicted to his cap!) and all the boats he was loving life so hard, Ridley was just super chilled and chatty.

Definitely recommend Bristol for a day out where you can do as much or as little as you like!

ps photos of me taken by Rue (the street art is on both sides of a long road so WM couldn’t keep crossing to take my photo, i never asked him too, i winged it and asked Rue my new assistant πŸ˜‰ )

pps not one photo of WM, i let him have a well deserved day off πŸ˜‰



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