& it’s a long one for us over here as papa took the Friday off & I had a lovely sunny day with my mama on the Thursday! Isn’t it crazy to think there’s only one more bank holiday left this year (I’m not counting Christmas) gosh the days where I’d be living for those bank holiday nights out & casually throwing up the whole weekend (classy I know) 😉


We had family visiting in the morning & afternoon so even though it was the most gorgeous day we ended up being limited to what we could get out and do. We all took a lunchtime stroll, I know the hottest part of the day, we grabbed some lunch & then headed home whilst both the boys napped! Unfortunately I didn’t get to sit down and enjoy the peace as it was off to collect the food shop & put away yawn! Once the boys woke up we hung out in the garden for a while, took some photos using my new photo app 😉 & played hook a duck. The bigger boys then headed off to the allotment, which I was hoping Ridley & I would join them but it was just too hot for baby wearing today so we stayed at home & ate chocolate muffins (or I did & then got it all over the sofa) & before you know it it’s bedtime!
the best we could get, Rue totally not interested!
 the outtake as honestly we have more photos like this then actual good ones 🙁
 papa snapped these and I just love them!
I woke up and made us a picnic, we had planned to go kite flying up on an old castle field but the weather looked pants so we decided not to risk it with the boys, typical after yesterday had been so lovely and we couldn’t really get out. So instead we took a stroll and looked for elderflower, each year we go picking for elderflower and then papa makes the best homemade cordial for us to have on those hot summer days. Its like a cute little family tradition we do each year and i love it.
rue then conked out (which never really happens anymore) so we made the most of the ten minute tandem nap time ha! look at him napping holding his wet wipe …. excuse the state of our sofa 🙁
the weather improved in the afternoon so the boys played outside in the garden for a while and then we all packed up and headed to the field pretty much right next to our house and took rue kite flying for the first time and it was lovely (hard work with a toddler who doesn’t understand instructions but hey whats actually easy with a toddler!) it was still lovely to get out and get some sun and fresh air! we found more elderflower down there too! It was also the first time we took Ridley out in the Ergo 360 carrier, I absoutely love love this carrier its my favourite, we tried him in it when he was about three weeks old but he wasn’t ready even with the infant carrier my lovely friend has let us borrow ♥ it was perfect as it has the little sun flap thing to protect his head!
morning arrives and i’m faffing with these beautiful peonies my mama brought me from M&S, we was lucky to pick up the last bunch! She has totally spoilt me with peonies this year and spent a small fortune on them 🙁 but aren’t they just beautiful, next year i’m hoping to found some white ones 🙂 i also tried Ridley sleeping in his cot for the first time since he was born, we didn’t buy a moses basket this time round we’ve been using the carrycot attachment on the Silvercross and it’s worked a treat like alllll his naps and night time sleep are in there but I know it won’t be long and he won’t fit anymore, so we both went upstairs and he settled after ten minutes like a champ and I managed to get on my Mac to do some posts as I haven’t managed it all week 🙁
Ridley and I had plans with my cousin in the morning and the sun came out for us and we walked for two hours, it was beautiful! We stopped off at the farmers market and stocked up on doughnuts & headed to the park for a chat in the sun. Family is so important but it something I definitely struggle with to get the balance with – any tips gratefully received on how to juggle life.
I picked up one of these baby robot bath bombs from Lush the other day as a little treat for Rue and he loved it! isn’t it just the cutest! (these are okay for babies plus six months)
& we have no plans, we’re soaking up the last day of having papa at home before he goes back to work 🙁 the bigger boys didn’t get dressed or leave the house all day! Ridley and I went for coffee with my mama & did some fathers day shopping as its not that far away now …. I picked up WM’s fathers day present months ago when I was pregnant, its hiding at my mamas, but over the weekend I picked him up this pin badge (here), i’m obsessed with pins & he’s always moaning that I get all the good mama stuff so I thought he’d love this.
Rue did us a little tea party in the afternoon where we all sat and drank tea and had pretend biscuits 🙂 WM chucked our pouffe out over the weekend, we’ve been talking about it for months but secretly we love putting our feet up so I was shocked when I came down and he had thrown it, but it does add so much more space to our living room and we’re loving playing on the floor with the boys.
We had a lovely dinner that I found in a gardening magazine, I’m going to do a separate post on it as i have a recipe tab on my blog but not one single recipe under it 🙁 it was gorgeous was slightly ruined by the mother of all witching hour from our lovely toddler …..
I then spent Monday night debating over a cup of peppermint tea re-opening my Etsy shop and thinking of some new ideas, of which i was really chuffed with how many ideas I had during those late night feeds, whether i’ll definitely re-open i’m not sure its just a thought at the moment.
Perfect bank holiday weekend with my boys ♥

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