B L U E B E L L S – 2018

We finally made it back to see the Bluebells at Badbury Clump, the last time we went was 2016 when Rue looks so tiny (see my post HERE) we unfortunately didn’t make it last year because i literally had just had Ridley but this year its crazy to think how much bigger the boys are now!

I mean just look at Rue the first time we went …. he was roughly 18 months old

i absolutely love Badbury Clump, we’ve been there a lot this last year, its only twenty minutes away and its just so lovely! its mainly a wood area and there isn’t any facilities but its lovely to go there for a walk, picnic, bear hunt, for photos, to be outside on a sunny day but be able to keep the boys in the shade, to see so much greenier, for mountain bikes, for dog walkers (although we dislike strongly the people walking dogs as we’re just not dog with kids fans, personally, plus dogs scare the shit out of me) it has free parking for members (i’m not sure if we charge for non members) & theres no charge for visiting this National Trust land. But i would say over the last year its become increasing popular and when we visited at the weekend we have opened an overflow carpark which i’m not sure if this is because of the Bluebells or because of demand. We went at Easter for the egg trail but the car park was full pretty much before the egg hunt started.


there is a place kinda more towards Coleshill that has parking for roughly ten cars that is a separate wood area which is what we did when the car park was full at Easter and it was perfectly good for walking and for dogs it just wasn’t as interesting as Badbury.

in summer we normally go to see the corn fields which the farmers have right next door, these make for great photos 😉

just think this time next year we’ll have two boys running around the bluebells!

so this forms my first National Trust post and i’m hoping to do so many new visits this year and also back fill so many of the visits we’ve already done, some i might repeat as the boys grow our requirements change or as we attend places for different reasons. We do tend to visit as much as we can, i mean its mainly me wanting to go WM isn’t as committed to the cause as me 😉 i want the boys to grow up loving & understanding what this amazing charity stands for and for them to pass that onto their children!

Badbury Clump, SN7 7NJ







Rue carried this stick around for ages and kept stopping to mark X’s into the floor, it took us forever to walk back as he kept stopping, why the X’s we don’t know – we asked but he was too busy to answer us 😉


ps i haven’t had time to edit these photos (editing takes time man) so these are raw photos which i’m taking right now but also desperately wishing i could tweak them already!

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