b i r t h d a y <3

It feels like so long since i last posted – we’ve had so much going on & getting in the way of me posting which is a real shame as ideally i’d like to be blogging much more than i am! We’re off to Centre Parcs (for the first time) next week & i’m going to take that week out as some much needed breathing & thinking space & decide what it is i want to concentrate on & try and get into some sort of pattern.

So my birthday was celebrated this month and i had the best birthday (last years was s h i t – so it couldn’t of really been worse than that) we had no plans and just went with the flow and it turned out to be the best day! Rue was well behaved, apart from the mental breakdown he had in the middle of a car park for everyone to see when i took a fruit shoot off him 😐 Sometimes the small things like ‘trying’ to eat out with a toddler are just impossible if they won’t play ball & Rue wasn’t playing ball when we went out for breakfast but we kept our cool (for once) and just went with it.

birthdays are always special too me but i think even more so since having Rue as its that one day that i can kind of claim as my day – where i get to try and take bit more of a relaxed back seat & appreciate all the lovely gifts people have spent the time picking for me! My lovely friends spoilt me with items from my wish lists which i post on here every couple of months – i’m n e v e r going to get round to purchasing these so it feels like such a treat! Money also comes in handy but by the time it got paid in i was close to the – on my bank account so most of it got absorbed by bills although i did get to buy a few new beauty bits from Boots 🙂

I even got WM to agree to watch harry potter in the evening with me – the first time in nearly eleven years he said he’d watch it with me and then what happens the wifi was down alllll day 🙁 i haven’t yet managed to re-arrange this film night so i might have to wait until next year now!



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